Soldier 76 in HOTS: Yay or Nay?

It seems no one really talks about Soldier 76. Which is funny since he is one of the first heroes in OW. However I would like to now if you want him in HOTS or not.

For those unaware of who Soldier 76 is:

For me I personally would like him in HOTS, since he is pretty badass. Though not before other heroes.

Also Dva needs her daddy and Ana needs her friend.

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I mean what would his kit look like?
A bios field that simmilar too a healing totem, a removed talent for support.
A helix rocket thats no different from any skill shot.
A sprint button that is once again a removed generic talent.

As for his ult, thats all he has going for him. A single locking homing bullet.

Id say make him a skin like Widowmaker


Honestly, Soldier 76 is too similar to Raynor. They both have movement speed bonus ability, heal (but Soldier’s is AoE) and one similar skill shot (but again Soldier’s is AoE, but doesn’t have knockback). He could be added, but there are much better options.


Lets see, he’s got an AOE heal, Rocket skill shot that blows up on the first enemy hit and deals some aoe damage (maybe if you click yourself you launch yourself to simulate the rocket jump?) and a sprint. Oh and aimbot. That sound hard to implement considering how simple it is, several other heroes have similar stuff.

Edit: I do like the idea of Soldier but I don’t think he’s the Hero from OW we could get. I imagine if we did get a DPS from OW it would probably be Reaper

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Too similar to raynor is my opinion, but if they could change that id be fine with him.

Easiest option would be him as a skin for Raynor.




I’m not opposed to the introduction of Soldier 76 in the game, but I kinda have to admit that there are other characters that are much more unique that are easier to translate over, to say nothing of the fact that I’d very much like to see a non-ranged assassin come out of OW… Orisa was mentioned, and to be honest, I think that she’d be interesting given her kit in OW. I’m just going to stop hoping for Reinhardt or Mercy just because I can only handle so much with how this year has gone so far.

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Even closer to Raynor than Roadhog is to Stitches

  • Reliable sustained ranged damage

  • Heal

  • Damage enemies in a straight line and bounce them a little bit

  • Move speed

Honestly I’m not a fan of any more Overwatch inclusions, they’d have to make up too much on the spot to fit them into the game and a lot of what I love about HotS is the nostalgia and character fantasy.
Overwatch is a relatively new game and it’s not very big on lore, Blizzard seemingly making it up as they go. When I look through the talents of a Warcraft or Starcraft hero I can recognize most of their abilities and it gives me the warm fuzzies. Looking through any of the Overwatch heroes talents were mostly references to their voicelines in the game and it felt really underwhelming.

The only hero I have any particular wish for is Mengsk, and that’s almost entirely for the powerful delivery his voice has. Ain’t nothing like a southern dictator.
Aside from that I just want them to continue adding iconic heroes that are exciting to play.


It would be one more assassin. I think we’re good on that end.

I have concerns about his sprint. But aside from that

Yay or Nay?

Yaynoy (Raynor, is already mostly him).


There are no OW heroes that I am against being added to HotS…

However, there are definitely ones that I would like seeing first. While I am sure that the team could make Soldier 76 different enough from Jimmy to make his inclusion acceptable, Mei, Reinhardt, Winston and Hamilton are all much higher priority for me.

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I don’t like the whole “Theme is kinda like another hero, so no” argument

Mercy and Aruiel/Morales are very different, just bc mercy has a heal beam and res, doesn’t mean it’s the same hero at all

Mei and Jaina has one similarity and it’s ice, beyond that Mei is a whole different kit

Roadhog and Stitches both have a hook, but I still feel like they could play entirely different

S76 and Ray are VERY different, sure they’re both men with guns, but uh- that’s where their similarities end

To this day I still feel like they could’ve made Widowmaker without her being the same as Nova too, but that ship sank with the Widow skin sadly


Honestly, it makes no sense.

We already have themes that overlap ingame. In fact, of the last 5 warcraft releases, 3 of them have been holy-oriented. And among those 3, two of them are the same class. And no one batted an eye over it.


Overlapping heroes are fine.
More mobile assassins with healing gimmicks are not.

Overwatch heroes don’t have much to draw from. Characters from other universes have so much stuff revolving around their factions and classes to use, an OW just has 3-4 abilities which are all pretty straight forward.

Hardly anyone is eager to see Nova in the game because if she’s true to her character design she’d be a linear sniper hero focused on single target burst damage, not exactly something we’re dying for in.

And if they were to churn out Tirion or a Mograine as a ret/prot pally next I would welcome it, because there’s a lot of versatility in warcraft class designs especially since they can draw from all of it’s iterations and lore from over the years.

Release him in June with a pride skin and I am on board.

I wouldn’t raise a flag of protest if he was added provided the kit was nice

that said there are like half dozen characters I’d rather see in HOTs then Soldier
not least of which being Mercy as the HOTS devs are just better and will actually make her fun to play again

But none of the holy heroes even remotely play the same.
If they bring in soldier but he is a reskined Jimmy all he would be is another pick if one gets banned.

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He’s such a generic design in Overwatch, I wouldn’t really want him either in here too.


The devs are more than capable of taking a hero and making them distinct enough though. I remember when people said maiev would never happen since zeratul took her kit.

Of course, the major problem here is that the devs apparently want to make the translations from OW to heroes as direct as possible.