So this probius hero

I haven’t played him much

So this opinion may be in left field.

What I have heard is that he is seemingly the black sheep of this game, meaning he is one of the worst heroes.

Would a level 20 talent for probius that allowed him to become his own pylon (energy source) help him, while still being able to drop pylons?

Or does he even need anything?

Your thoughts

Its more his overall chunkiness that holds him back. Not his power level.

What do you mean by chunkiness

His Z gets interrupted by dmg and is overall really hard to master. And hard to learn heroes are not the most popular heroes in this game.

Also why only a handfull players master him.


In my experience I just found his reliance on pylons to be very

I’m probably just bad though


And Pylons are bad by itselfs mostly.
No hp, no shields, Pylon ult can’t re-targeted. Plus his D doesn’t stack charges (waiting 15 src for the second pylon is just stupid af).


Pylon placement is just practice. I think the hardest part is getting value from his warp rifts, which are telegraphed damage. Also, he has to be fairly close to detonate them, and there’s a significant delay.


Would it be unreasonable to have a talent that allowed some sort of energy regeneration outside of pylons?

If higher skilled players don’t need this then it would be low skill friendly and high skill players wouldn’t need it to maximize his potential with other talents?

Perhaps other talents that address the issues you have stated

So that way you need to choose between easier energy and actual performance increasing talents

Theres alotta hoops you gotta jump through in order to do anything. In order for cannon to damage heroes, there needs to be a hero close to it, the pylon has to live, the cannon has to live, if it’s target walks out of its range, it will focus something else. The cannon also has a short placement range.
For w, you need 150 mana, need to wait atleast 1.25 seconds, and need to still be in range to detonate it.
For Z to work, you need to not let it get canceled.
For pylon ult to do stuff, you want both pylons up and they ideally should both live for the whole duration.
For the wall ult, you mostly just need good aim and have an eye for where people want to go.

Now all that is not to say there isn’t a huge laundry list of ways to make it all work but compared to something like orphea or jania who just have to press the button. Most of probes abilities individually deal enough damage to 100-0 somebody already so hes not lacking in the damage department. What he needs is just a bit more consistency.

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His Q build is also really bad
His health too low

You shoud main him.
Its a support hero who can give shields and litterly a minion


Consistency is fair.

I always liked talent tiers that had options that don’t make the hero as strong but are more consistent to their value.

So you have an easy talent that’s more likely to provide value, with hard talents to have more maximum potential for value

As someone who unironically does play alot of probe, i find it’s his W that needs the most help. His mana mini game isnt so bad once you’ve got a rythm and keeping a pylon alive for atleast 12 seconds (the abilities cooldown) is plenty doable with some clever positioning.

W tho, is just so slow.

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I like those kinda talents alot personally. I think probe could use something baseline tho.

It’s seems to me ( I’m no expert ) that W is more of a wave/structure clear and zoning tool than it is a hero killer.

If that’s the case there’s not much about him that kills heroes consistently then.

He feels like a support

W is very good for pve. The issue tho, is that W is where so much of probes power is. You can’t just Q ppl to death and as great as cannon is for denying an area, you still need red team to cooperate for it to do big damage to an extent.
If you can’t rely on W for what ever reason, all you’ve got is your turrets.

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Some better Q talents perhaps then.

Either way it would be nice to see him get a little less hate and get some changes to make him into what he needs to be

I wanna see them let us detonate W immediately but it does reduced damage until the 1.25 seconds. Also make it easier to hit the rifts with Q. Theres really no reason why it should be so precise. Both baseline.

Maybe some spell arnor on pylons to so they don’t die so hard to ming missiles or stray azmodan Qs.

I just wanna be rewarded for playing 5D chess, not just be on par with other, much easier heroes.


Z is cancelled by anything
Literally no HP
No charges for D
Pylons are too weak
Delayed W/Q combo + short range
Pylon’ Overcharging can’t be controlled
Turret can’t be targeted too
Shields come after 13 + they are too little and last too short

All that together makes impossible for me to play him.


Keep in mind that your team’s behavior is also important. You should show up to objectives early to setup, but if they arrive late you’ll have a hard time.

They also have to play around your range. If they stand too far back, the enemy can reach your pylons and destroy them, if they fight to far forward , the enemy will be out of range of your canons. It’s like playing with a Sgt. Hammer. Her allies have to consider her range and fight in it.

QM isn’T the best for Probius since he usually won’t have much of a frontline to protect him.

This is fair.

I suppose if his value stems a lot from his individual teammates more so than other heroes it can become a more hostile environment for him to thrive in.