So since Tassadar has been moved from being a support...(Kharazim thread)

I mean same, but without work and my weekly schedule I have no clue what time is.

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I still need to go to work. So for me its a busy period. And all I hear on the radio is how much free time everyone has :sweat_smile:
I actually want to be at home more…

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Picture being a teacher and forgeting what day it is XD

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All my classes are online now, and half of the lectures are just the professors re-explaining for the adults how to upload a file to turn in assignments. So, basically, I get to play games during class lol

Diablo is a hack’n’slash game which needs to playable alone, so ofc every playable character is a dps/bruiser.
That means nothing.

Kharazim should stay the way he is.

The dumbest thing imo os to put Heroes from the less populated roles to the more populated ones…
We have enough Assassins and Bruisers.

Tanks, Healers and Supports are needed.

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I actually wouldn’t mind moving him into a support role, like how Tyrael is a Bruiser/Support type. Honestly, one of the big differences in support (Tass/Abby/Zarya) and healers tends to be that Supports give large short term shields to either counter dives or help secure kills, With supports often being far more elusive (Tass and abby) or tanky (Zarya and Arguably Tyriel in what he does).

You could easily move kharazim to a Bruiser-support if you merely buffed his tankiness and changed BOH to be a short term shield than an outright heal (Possibly a little large due to a limited duration), Functioning in a similiar way to how Tyrael does in enabling heroes with movespeed and shielding while still being strong enough to be a frontline.

Tyrael is a Tank-Support.
Yrel is the Bruiser-Support.

If you’d make Khara more durable, you should nerf his healing and dmg.
Not worth it imo.