Slow download speed while preparing game data

Slow download speed while preparing game data.
Checked own internet speed which is 400 MBit/s download. No download limit within client set.

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Hey there,

This is an issue that our Heroes of the Storm team is aware of. Preparing game data should really only show up on the first launch of the game after a patch, so it shouldn’t be a super common occurrence. Ultimately though you would just have to wait for it to finish, as there hasn’t really been any troubleshooting that would help speed things up here.

Thanks for reporting it, and hopefully we will see some improvement on that front in future patches. :slight_smile:

Why is that download not included with the patch??? Every. single. time. I wait 2 mins for the patch then 20+ min for the preparing game data which is 1/3 the size. It doesn’t make sense.


It’s EVERY single time I boot up the game. Even multiple times a day. Definitely a “super common occurrence”.