Skin concepts you'd like to see in HotS one day

If you had to pick a few skins to get implemented at some point, what would they be? Mine would be something like:

Mecha Zagara-basically everything is robotic.

Janitor/plumber Qhira-Meme skin, her weapon is a plunger that can detach.

Janitorial lead Azmodan-Throws soap with Q, minions are janitors, etc.

Flying frog Brightwing-You can probably guess this one.

Army man Uther-Veteran soldier.

What would yours be?

Edit: I am LOVING these concepts so far, really funny/creative haha, thank you all for contributing to this topic.


Mecha Zagara please. That sounds so awesome and the fact she has many summons means we get to see more of the skin on her. I’d imagine it be a very expensive skin though.

I think Qhira fits more as a teacher no? I don’t see her being a janitor lol.

Tbh I like more mecha skin lines. Also the scarlet heist skin line too.


I’m completely fine with an expensive Zag skin. I just really want to see her with mecha hydra/mutas, banelings and all that, it’d be dope. She really needs/deserves a new skin. And idk I came up with the Janitor idea on the fly, I thought a detachable plunger that you use to beat enemies was kinda cool/funny :smiley:


More StarCraft-Overwatch themed skins would be sure as I answers: Zerg-based for Junkrat, Protoss Zealot and Dark Templar to Cassia and Valeera, In Jaina case had lack of any Cyber-Psionic themed skins as need can added.

Just years ago when StarCraft 20th Anniversary take place (before releases of Deckard Cain of Diablo and Yrel of Warcraft) we told that only handful of Primary Core Leaders to overseen of any StarCraft themed-skins and tints for example: Goliath D.Va, Templar Li-Ming, and even with some tints like Spectre Thunder Guard Zarya, most of these (outside StarCraft universe) had not included these StarCraft skins, Jaina, Whitemane, Orphea, and Cassia had indefinitely lack of any Cyber-Psionic themed skins (it’s did found Mecha Whitemane and Mecha Orphea portraits), however in Jaina case all of her skins had reference to that home universe (Warcraft) and would be added that not reference to Warcraft but others itself, Mecha Zagara is one of added skins since I prefer to Jaina.

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  • Centaur Lunara

One of very few designs possible with unique nature of her bones and animations. Could be stylised to resemble one of WoW’s centaur raid bosses. This idea popped-up in my head when Blizz introduced Orc skin for Johanna.

  • Crabby Fenix

Do. Just do! Meme skins are all teh fun. Turn his AoE AA into launching pufferfishes. And plz, include it within Summer Skins pack.

  • The Toilet Ragnaros.

Turn his body into water with floating junk and his mace into toilet plunger. When he uses Z, he rides a toilet bowl. When he uses D, he explodes from it with broken pieces of toilet bowl all around.

[I know, bad taste etc. but we already have… Ehh… That one tank with long hook, that uses excrements as his ult so… ]

  • Dark Templar Xul

Protossify the necro! Both are dark, both loves scythes [Vorazun ftw!] and would fit nicely to crossover-themed skin pack, along with Anduin, Arthas, Li-Ming etc.

  • “Here’s Johnny” Butcher and TMNT Shredder Rehgar

No! We don’t have references to other franchises at all. I’m looking at you, Airbender Kharazim! Also… Hello Hawkray :]

  • D2 Assassin Kharazim

Speaking of our beloved, forgotten Monk. His design in D3 is reminiscent of Assassin class from D2, so why not just make him wearing manly version of Natalya’s Embrace with triple katar daggers?

On the same principle, set skins for D3 characters would look cool. Some designs like Marauder’s set for DH or Archayr’s set for Witch Doctor have very nice aesthetics, and would form a family with Li-Ming Tal Rasha skin.


Highlord Artanis.


Androgynous pirate dancer Kael’thas, wears an eyepatch and a dark robe with long dark hair and loves spinning right round.

Pirate dancer Kael’thas wants everyone’s love and has plenty of it himself to dish out. His Q now has a heart icon in the hitbox while his W applies a burning heart icon to an enemy hero that can spread to anyone else who stays too close, because the pirate dancer’s love is contagious.

His E no longer has the vortex animation; instead, it sends forth two escalator rails along the ground that spin the first enemy hero hit right round for 1 second upon impact.

His trait D no longer uses Verdant Spheres for its animation but instead uses four extra arms behind his back as a tribute to Vishnu. While inactive, the extra arms wave idly around, but while active they open up and stretch out in in a synchronised manner.

R1 Phoenix now instead summons a giant sparkly flag that is waved around by a backup dancer which sprinkles confetti everywhere that damages enemies in the area.

R2 Pyroblast now instead sends forth a YUGE burning heart at the target enemy hero to do massive damage. Pirate dancer Kael’thas now shouts/sings “I WANT YOUR LOOOO^OvOO^OOvO^OO^OOOOVE” while channeling this heroic.


I want some of what he is having…


All you need to do is to find a set of two escalator handrails close to each other moving in opposite directions, which you can often see in a subway or shopping mall. Then, you just need to get on top of the two moving handrails on your back, keeping yourself in the shape of a solid plank. The escalator rails will spin you right round. You will experience exactly what pirate dancer Kael’thas is having when you follow the above instructions. An absolutely fabulous experience.

Here is a video demonstration if you need one:


I think Heisenberg ate some bad meat…

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AzmoDAD skin; tired father with bags under his eyes who throws babies and toddlers as attacks.

Brobius; Probius with a 2x beer cup hat on. Everything is themed around being a dorky ‘bro’.


I want Qhira in a cowgirl gettup
That is my one and only wish for this game, to show me Qhira with a cowgirl hat brown dusty jacket and those sexy sexy boots.

Will it happen? No doubtful but a man can hope.


-Neptulon Ragnaros
-Fel Fire Ragnaros
-Void Fire Ragnaros

-Warlock Rexxar (Using a demon as the pet, like a felstalker and changing the spells thematicly to fit.)


Burning Legion Eredar Yrel

Ashbringer Arthas

Archangel of Wisdom Deckard Cain

Lich Queen Jaina

Death Knight Uther

Prime Evil Valla

Uncorrupted (alive) Leoric

Purified Stukov (similar to Queen of Ghosts Kerrigan)

Sargeras Possessed Medivh.

Lightborne Sylvanas

Death Knight Anduin.

Unclean Sonya

Malthael Reaper Butcher (Executioner?)


As long its not as creepy as monkey BW.


i’d like to see a giant cute Brightwing skin for deathwing, breathing rainbow death!
since brightwing has a DW skin its only fair that DW gets a brightwing skin!

and ofcourse, my old favourite, PASTAROS! :man_cook:


Lifeguard Medivh
Explorer Greymane (with werepanther form instead of the werewolf/worgen)
Sleepover Rexxar
Viking Chen

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Anything Ragnaros (cyborg, mecha, neptulon, pastaros… any one)
Pirate Medivh and Vikings
Demonic eye Prob
Grim reaper Kel’thuzad
Squeaky clean Falstad, riding a rubber duck (this is an official portrait btw)


Thanks for that video. Just… thanks…

lol, I needed that.