Siverto - Login Issues

I also cant get log in to HOTS. I get automatically logged out every time. Any tips?

Hey there Siverto.

You were on an old thread for a bug that was fixed a while ago, so I closed that thread off and moved you to a new one. Can you tell me a bit more about the problem you’re having? Do you get a specific error message? Have you tried anything to troubleshoot the problem yet? How long has it been happening?

It’ll also help if you create a a WinMTR test which catches a disconnection. You want to restart the test every 10-15 minutes until you catch one of these problems. Once you’ve caught one red handed, run the test for about 5 more minutes. This will let us look for problems between your house and our servers which may cause this.

If you have problems with posting it due to a link error, go ahead and copy paste this into your next post, and replace “WinMTR goes here” with your test.

WinMTR goes here

I am having the same problem. I wish network admins would notify each other about backbones/network problems.

My thread is abandoned, posted 3 days ago: Connection Problem