Signs of your team is incompent

Just wanted to make a reverse thread about the competent thread.

So here is my experince so far.

When a Cho’Gall and a DV.A force you as Kerri to solo lane againts Diablo and DW while they both feed bot lane

When your team is even more potato that they let a really bad enemy team with two players with 40+ deaths combined win the game.

When the bruisers on your team dont even soak or take camps.

When you got a team that just mindless brawl and end up being 3 lvs behind in the end.


When in all seriousness a member or members of my team goes “mid” on two lane maps. This is forgivable when the player is new, but I’ve seen it with a few veterans especially on BOE as all I can guess is they missed the load screen and the maps look a bit similar in appearance.


Actually, there can be good reasons to do this on BoE, and you even see it in the pro leagues on occasion. If the enemy team has a Sylvanas, she will sometimes go top with the solo laner to put early pressure on the gate. If her team then wins the first punisher, it will go bottom lane with the 4 man, making it easier for her team to push with it. You also see this strategy used when a team can choose to go with either a 1-4 or 2-3 split on that map, and having the flex hero start mid makes it quicker to choose.

The last most common reason to do this is to try and hide what your team is planning, and if you are lucky, catch an enemy in rotation as they guess where you are.

It isn’t common, and I almost never see people doing it below Diamond, but it is a valid choice.


Oh sure, but this wasn’t like a scenario you outlined. It was player(s) who said after a minute, “Oh, this isn’t Infernal Shrines?” :smile:

• saving pyroblast (as example) for more than its CD
• forcing fight thinking one lvl disadvantage is no big deal when enemy is 10/13/16
• backline scoring more death than tank
• over push/stay when you can back for a camp
• ace enemy team … go back to base to take a breath

Yeah, OK, that is funny. But I guess I can see that given how the Diablo maps do feel very similar!

The thing that I see at the beginning of a match that lets me know I may be in for a bit of a rough go is when people playing heroes like Falstad or Dehaka using their global abilities to get somewhere when there is no rush, rather than using them strategically. When I play Dehaka, I will often go to the mid brawl to pick up a little essence before digging to my lane, but when I see a Dehaka just burrow from the gate to lane, I have to bite my tongue.

Don’t even get me started on Deathwings who Z before the gates drop…


He wants to make a big HERE I AM moment when he drops down.

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I feel better now, wasting globals for no reason right out of the gate really bothers me and makes me wonder if they know how to manage it later in the game.

The moment they show their toxicity or salt.

Reminds me Salt Mine thread has not had a clean up for really long time. That mine must be filled to the brim with salt :heart_eyes:

Another one. When a Xul need assistance to take a easy camp at lvl 15. like LOL cant you take it alone man.

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When I take the (shaman) camp on BoE but don’t cap it (so we can cap it as the objective starts) some pleb walks on it and captures it 30 seconds in advance despite retreat pings.

And it dies on the enemy lane right before Immortals having achieved absolutely nothing, while now their camp pushes us during Immortal fight.


“A sign your team is incompetent”

We might be here for a while…but…

  • when you are the healer and you have the top hero damage/damage per life/kill+assist of your team.

  • when its hugging season when facing a kael tas .

  • They rack up more deaths then the number of minutes the game have been played.

When at the end of a 25 minute game, the thrall on your team has less than 20k siege damage and 2500 hero damage.

On BHB when your team is so focused on fighting in the vision camp they miss 6 minion waves.

And give enemy free hits on him, so he loses 50% of his health to go backline until he can Z again to the sky. :crazy_face:


Tbh. I can’t do it either, when I don’t have AA-build, because I like to go Q build. It’s pretty hard for him without the CDR on W or the atk speed.


Quickmatch. Enemys have Diablo as tank and we get Varian, who goes derp mode with Twinblade and then defends his choice with the arguement: “I want fun, this is not lol”, proceeds to feed with 1/1/7.

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