Seriously still leoric basic attack bug


like I posted this but ages ago and patch after patch nothing is done about it this is ridiculous I can’t play him it’s so annoying to look at

anyway basically the bug is that Leoric’s wrath of the skeleton king the first attack/stack of it doesn’t have an animation so it will use either the second or the third attack/stack as an animation and it is annoying


I’d like voice my own complain as a fellow Leoric player.

I do know it has this “meter” to tell you which attack you’re at but it’s flow-breaking when in a middle of a fight if I have to look there to know when’s the third hit


Hey ozisop12 & Abkaal,

Thanks for the continued reports! We have this Leoric Attack animation issue tracked, and we hope to have it fixed when we can.

Thank you,
~ Fizivix