Samuro is insanely busted

I don’t know why he’s been this way for so long but you shouldn’t be able to swap back and forth with your clones, and use Q, to avoid things like living bomb or mephisto’s ultimate just like that. It’s like he has a Maiev trait with 0 cooldown!!! His clones shouldnt be as tanky as they are and shouldn’t have such a low cooldown, he shouldn’t be able to just get out jail free EVERY SINGLE TIME. In the hands of a skilled player, this hero is literally unstoppable. I cannot believe they thought he should be this strong, when he was ALREADY STRONG BEFORE. Now he has a free “clear the entire wave” button with a 30s cooldown. Yeah cause that’s fair, not only that but he gets armor. He also gets HEALED WHILE HE’S STEALTHED. Oh did i mention he HAS NO MANA??? YOu know why zeratul has mana? because if he didn’t he’d never have to back and he’d be literally unstoppable. Oh by the way, funny you should mention it, if samuro ever has to back, HE CAN LITERALLY TELEPORT RIGHT BACK TO WHERE HE JUST WAS BECAUSE HIS IMAGES STAY IN LANE. THAT’S NOT BROKEN AT ALL!

I’m a bit biased to answer this topic, but he does have clear weaknesses. For one, if you blind him after he swapped images, he can deal zero damage. His damage is also extremely low vs. AA slowers like Arthas or Xul.

He has nothing except Auto Attack damage (if you don’t count Bladestorm which is a questionable heroic for skilled users of that hero). There are ways to draft against him so that he is relegated to taking camps all game.

While he can talent for a small dash on lv13 (Shukuchi), he also has nowhere near the amount of mobility Zeratul has with blinks and vorpal blades (including a cooldown reset with Might of the Nerazim).

Try learning him. It’s a huge pain to learn correct Samuro play. It’s not as easy as you make it sound.

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your conclusions seems to be based on emotions. His winrate in diamond/master is slightly above average (strong but not op)

I suggest you play samuro yourself and come back after some games to say how your opinion has changed/not changed

every game he has been in he has been a problem it is his kit to be honest just like genji. they both have very strong kits. that in the right hands can be insane. They are no longer balancing the game for GM play anymore so there are going to be some toons that are going to be stronger than others. I believe it is most because how low and fresh the average skill lvl is right now.

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ok but still, you can’t tell me he was ever meant to have a free teleport back to wherever he just based from. That’s insanely busted. He can base at the enemy’s core then be back in 2 seconds after image swapping. What is that??? LOL “skillful play”? NO that’s broken. If you gave that to genji or zeratul people would be crying for nerfs immediately. But since it’s on a hero with lower play rate, nobody gives a fk

No counterplay makes for bad gameplay… and thus you have samuro, one of the most cancer heros in the game