Salt Mines - Deposit all your anger here!

Bathing in the pool of salty tears, I see.

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A thousand years of tears.

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Can’t deny, got a good chuckle out of it


Just had to deal with someone who, when we were WINNING, went afk for the last 75% of the match to make us lose because we didn’t follow his ping spamming. Even made sure to reconnect as soon as he was afk kicked so we couldn’t get a bot.
I think it’s time to just stop playing this junk completely.

It’s not the game. Just that player.

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Unfortunately I’ve encountered players like that too, thankfully they are rare. I do wonder about the psychology of an individual who intentionally throws a match that is all but won, they probably aren’t happy people.

There’s some trash team of three playing aram on eu right now. For what was mostly a fair game with equal number of kills, I asked my Malfurion if he decided on doing damage with Treants or healing exclusively since neither stat was even noticeable. By 10 minutes a 200% deficit in healing, by 25 minutes it was 150k to 400k. Somewhere just a tick of xp before lvl 30 his friend Nazeebo collected 175 stacks.

I’ve been missing all my Jaina spells on purpose for the whole half of the game because for some reason he decided he wouldn’t heal anyone outside of his party. Cast my stuff close enough to the enemy players so it wouldn’t be obvious what I was doing, but attributed to bad ping instead.

We could have easily won 20 minutes earlier but they couldn’t even tell I was doing this out of spite, that’s how bad all three were. The last random guy was in his own world, writing about something entirely unrelated as if trying to figure out what was wrong with our team and why we started losing.

Who was the enemy healer?

Well, you did say you made it look like it wasn’t on purpose.

Doesn’t even matter because Malfurion shouldn’t have trouble keeping up with any healer if the teams and levels are perfectly even first half of the match. You do notice how there are never any rejuvenations up on your team. Treants are perfectly viable and start destroying everything in sight if you keep up a proper pace, but when it is only 10 stacks at level 10 with less healing than that of enemy Blaze, you start to wonder what is going on.

I won’t even go into a full spider build Nazeebo that can’t beat a tank who is standing still and hitting him in the face. None of these players are new or playing a hero they haven’t touched before.

Understandably there’s less people online, but it is kind of shocking that out of my last 100 matches only 5% of replays got uploaded by someone else because I didn’t bother myself. I can’t imagine a casual doing this so I am starting to wonder what the profile of an average hots player has become.

It’s obviously not smurfs because none of them know how to play but it doesn’t seem like there are any regulars with the passion for the game left. Everyone is so chronically afraid of losing and have forgot how to fun in aram that they’re repulsed by unconventional heroes. 5 healers offered? No I’d rather play Azmodan. Three Sonyas, no thanks Li Ming orb build for me. Choice between Uther/Kharazim or any other healer, you guessed it.

No one will mind if you pick a less optimal character, it is not like the enemy teams knows what you’ll take so they can tailor their team to make your experience miserable as possible. Any match can be won regardless how bad you lose in the start if you know how to minimize losses and understand how to approach to enemy. Most of these hard games are an instant 180 the moment someone reaches a certain talent tier. It’s a missed opportunity to not play something that you normally wouldn’t be allowed to in standard game mode.

Like to thank the MM system for consistently keeping me in ELO Hell ever since
the 2.0 reboot. Despite how hard I play, even getting MvP multiple times, proof
positive that you doing well doesn’t mean jack sh-- when your teammates aren’t
the same. And the enemy team has no weak links.

No matter what, game refuses to let me at least be even with wins or losses.
Seems like if you even try, the MM system gets pissed and adds on another 10
losses as punishment for even trying.

Not sure who made this system but I hope to God they were let go.

apparently i was permabanned at some point

I’ve been muted once or twice but damn, that sucks big balls

Not so much anger as disbelief over how nasty people can get in QM. It has been quite the toxic evening for me, but I had a lot of fun anyway. So to all those horribly bent-out-of-shape curmudgeons out there: /novakiss

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Would like to personally say that the smurf Valla I fought against recently,
may your account be hacked and you perma-banned as a result, you
cheating a-hole .

Stay in your lane and stop ruining games for others.


Maybe players like you is why I got auto-modded into a banned account.


SL, rank, skill, the usual.

Check the draft:
Stitches was showing Diablo, so bad luck there. The biggest issue was taking Nova into an already full beef team. No matter how good you are, that is 0% win chance right there. Especially with the decoy stealing heals.

Can’t really complain as I’ve defeated a really unlucky player today, starting the season with 1:13 (perfectly normal last seasons).

A bit annoying anyway. Kind of hard to accept that SL is less reliable (competitive) than QM. Stupid Losses vs Quality Matches. New abbreviation solutions :wink:


Malf is never going to keep up with Lucio or Stukov, or even Morales. The first 2 heal everyone all the time, and they all generally have higher healing output. Malf in exchange has an AoE root, and mana regen /cd reduction.

The only way Malf outheals a Lucio is if the Lucio player is always dead.

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You got to level 30? If they got that far WITH you throwing, you were definitely part of the problem. Players like you are the worst.

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He had 3 trash players on his team that refused to play but somehow you find out Grim is the reason they lost.

Blame gaming again like usual.

You probably deserved it if you were smurfing. Play in your lane bud.

Currently stuck at Bronze 5 because the game wouldn’t stop throwing me terrible players, one of which proceeded to throw every single game I was in with him.

Why they never implemented an “avoid player” feature is beyond me.

Just think for a second what you wrote about refusing to play the game, and then reread how Grim openly admitted they stopped trying half way through the game. And despite this, they still managed to get to level 30. They couldn’t have been that terrible to make it that far (and I never said Grim was only to blame).

Come on Queen, even for you, that’s pretty terrible analysis.