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Your small body doesn’t matter if the enemy is huge. In either case it is like having a 50% slowing ability whenever you are close to an enemy.

You saw a game where 2 people have 22 deaths, and your conslusion was " you should have less siege". I don’t think this conclusion makes sense. And I don’t think my team lost thos game because “I have too much siege”.

That was your outlook on it. I have no problem with the way I played that game. And I’m not ever going to make a 3 vs 5 fights to pad my dmg stat.

I already told you, I find the damage stat absolutely irrelevant. Only inexperienced players think it matters, and spend the whole game typing about it whie they fight mid. So I’m never going to invest half an hour to justify my damage total. WIth Zul jin or any other hero.

If you measure your success based on how high your damage number is, that’s your choice. I don’t.

I look forward to seeing you here again complaining.

Dmg and kills does not tell the whole story tho. You got heroes that deal alot of dmg and then you got heroes that can swoop in and kill them and get out again.

Dealing alot of poke dmg but not killing anything or someone that just wait for one to be low before he go in and kill them all but still got low hero dmg.

You need more context or atleast a replay to make a proper answer to this.

There is a huge difference in both.

The things they can tell you is whether or not you dealt damage in fights. Or whether you soaked all game or not. He participated in 15 kills, but that doesn’t mean he was effective. All that matters when you get assists is whether or not you dealt any type of damage to the hero at the very least. I’m not sure if healing someone who deals damage grants you an assist but ZJ has no healing capabilities besides self heals.

When ZJ has the 2nd worst damage in the team, and 3rd worst damage in the game you should see there’s a problem. He just doesn’t want to accept it.

Then the answer should be that Zuljin should play in a 4 man and let Azmo soak/push lanes alone since he is better at it.

But I still want some kind of replay so its easier to understand what happend in those two games. You dont get much answers just from score screen.

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Dude, do you have some kind of obsesssion with me?

If you want to watch my games so badly, just find them on Heroesprofile for yourself. I’m not doing recordings for you.

And how would I deal that damage if I’m not there?

Ah yes anyone who tells you you’re wrong and you won’t concede makes them obsessed with you. I’m asking for you to show the replay because it will give us all the same information… if you’re unwilling to do that its because you are either worried you might just be wrong, or you don’t want us to have an even level of understanding so that you can hide behind the fact that “I was there and you weren’t”, then it shows you just don’t want to be wrong, or can’t handle it.

You’re completely missing the point but whatever dude if you don’t want to admit it then you’re going to be stuck in your cycle of bs forever. Its not only me telling you this but seeing as you blocked the only other person who’s called you out on it you’re not going to see it. He’s a douchebag, but he’s not wrong about this particular case and your history in this thread. Its the same issue 90% of the time but you don’t want to accept you could ever be wrong. Sorry, but we’re gold and silver dude, we are not the best players. There’s always something we can improve on, yours is this, even if you don’t feel you did anything wrong.

This thread is to vent yes, but when the same person posts screenshots about the same thing over and over and over and doesn’t get the hint that it might be them, I have no sympathy anymore. Instead of trying to have an open mind on what you could do better, you close off any help and ask stupid questions we know a replay will solve. If you don’t want to improve, that’s fine, but its childish to not try to improve yourself so you can keep complaining about the same thing. I’m pretty sure that if you changed your mindset of the game and tried to be open about your faults you’d see improvement, but if you don’t want to do that nothing is going to change.

But whatever dude, you do you.

You came here and pounced on my post with form a discussion on a completely different thread.

You don’t need me to record it, you can find it yourself. I’m sorry but I don’t invest that kind of time for a stranger on the internet.

I’m not pouncing on you for anything outside this thread. If I remember correctly, it was this thread I actually defended you when Volun told you the exact same thing I told you now. The reason I did was because you were Leoric in that post, which in my mind is much more understandable to be away from the team than ZJ. Now if you want to combat that with “Leo is good in fights too” then well, you should have been in fights there as well. I gave you the benefit of the doubt because Leoric is a good laning hero, so its understandable to have higher siege than hero damage with him. ZJ, not so much. There was no reason you should have been sieging as ZJ when there’s an Azmodan, Artanis, and Thrall. All of which are good at laning or clearing lanes and much better than ZJ at it.

You don’t need to record it, its not hard to post replays for most people. Idk why it is so hard for you. But don’t if you want to protect your arguments. I don’t really care if you learn or not.

Plus, I am the only like on your ZJ post, because Artanis and Thrall having that many deaths is stupid. I just wonder if you not being in fights might have caused that, I guess we will never know.

I’m not getting in the middle here, but as a reminder this thread is for catharsis only, no accountability is necessary or required.

If someone wants critical feedback on their matches they either create a specific thread requesting such, or post in RCW’s Replay Thread.

I post this reminder as this thread has increasingly become you raking an individual poster over the coals and only that for the past two weeks. It’s frankly making the thread hard to follow and undermining what is supposed to be a lighthearted and fun section to post/read on the forums.

There are enough cranky threads full or arguments, we don’t need another.


You know what? Maybe it has been just that, and I apologize if the player in question or anyone doesn’t want to hear what I have to say. Under all the somewhat pressure or aggression towards this player, there is sincerity in what I am telling them. I hope that it finally gets to them that maybe their frequent posting in this thread might be because of them more than they think. I have already admitted, and apologized for doing what I’ve done, and I’ll accept that. After this post I will go no further to do that so this thread can return to its purpose.

My hope, in the end is to help this player realize how their actions affect the other players also and that maybe with a wider view shed on the really narrow point of view this player has, that they’ll learn and that we will see more of them in the counterpart thread. If that doesn’t happen, then I at least hope the venting is worth it.

Yeah, it’s getting seriously off topic.

I deleted my post. Apologies.

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I didn’t mean it that way, no apologies are need from anyone. I just want to keep some fun places on the forums and keep true to Darak’s intention for this thread.

On a side note, I’m no better, I’ve been more of a grumpy poster lately, another reason to keep some nice things we have here. My favorite post right now is QBW3rd’s post about Blue notes possible changes to ARAM. It’s been so long without the hint of any tangible changes it’s very much welcome.

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Tyc in ARAM, I was Jo, he went in 1 vs 5, he died instantly. Then he decides to blame me all game for not saving him… effing idiot

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As long you dont go full nightwarrior mode im ok with it.


I dont know who has it worse
tanks or healers

stun chains are not skill its cheap
you do well to remember that next time you begin to be toxic.
also know that with each report I give you for being toxic you’re geting closer to a perma ban
that alone is enough to make me happy

How are stuns toxic? :neutral_face:

the stuns themselves aren’t toxic.
its how they act afterwards