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Well because your hero damage is worse than 3 people on your team, one of which also has the highest siege. ZJ has great damage potential, if you were fighting more your stat screen wouldn’t look like that.

I told you, damage is meaningless.

Azmodan has 59K damage. It got him 15 kills. I have 34K, I got 15 kills out of it. I secured the same amoutn of kills with less damage than him, that means I’m more efficient.

I could get my dmg stat way up by standing still and hitting Butcher while he has me branded and heals. Doing that would have shot my dmg stat way up. Would that have made me more useful to my team?

Look at this screen. Sylvanas has more damage than me. She beat me by 20K. You feel that she had more value than me in that game?


If you don’t kill your targets, you will always deal more damage. Where’s the value in that?

She has more damage because Tracer’s damage is trash and has no 100-0 potential. Sylvanas probably dove in and then you finished them and escaped. She has better escapes than Sylvanas.

So, like I said, damage is meaningless. Your answer does not support your previous statement.

When I play Falstad, my Gusts set up kills for my team. They always deal more damage to the enemies than I do because I have to catch up to them after casting gust. Does that mean my team mates are always bettter than me when I play Falstad?

Are you kidding me? As Falstad you have a dive, passive move speed, and your W range is decently long. If you can’t deal damage when you use gust and your team can then yes that might be an indicator that you need to improve.

Yes, I need to improve. Clearly I if I had dealt more damage while getting the same amount of kills. It would somehow be better.

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The damage simply tells it’s own story, that as ZJ you were hardly in fights and your soak tells you where you were instead. Azmo could have cleared soak, so why weren’t you at fights then my boy?

Look, I understand this thread is not for criticism, and I’ve done that even when I told off someone else for it, and for that, I’m sorry.

But take this here with the greatest amount of sincerity… seriously try joining fights more. Try it, and I can almost guarantee you’ll see better results, especially as ZJ. I’ll end it here since I suspect people are tired of seeing my posts… but I think if you try to do something to change the outcome you’ll have a better time in your matches. Listen to me or don’t, but improving yourself and your decisions will improve your overall experience.

Am I correct to assume if a person is completely new to this game
they SHOULDN’T be against elite ai’s?
like wtf why do I have to suffer because a jaina doesn’t know that qwer1 exists

How was I not at fights?

Actully, I can’t think of a better place for them to be. Knowing that you can’t beat A.I. , you can’t deny you have things to learn.

I’m not going to sit here and walk you through it. If you can’t see it, then I guess we’ll be seeing more of your posts in this thread won’t we?

Um, I was in that game, so I know exactly when I was and was not at fights.

Why don’t you tell me how many team fights there were in that game?

Post the replay then. Lets all see for ourselves.

You want e to go through 25+ minutes of recording, even though we both know you won’t change your mind?

WIth two of my team mates having 22 deaths among themselves, how many times do you imagine we had 5 people for a fight?

Scared or what? Post it and we’ll find out what really happened and who’s really right. That’s the only way.

Sounds like you didn’t fight together often, and I wonder who wasn’t there.

You wonder who wasn’t there? The people who were DEAD before the objective appeared maybe?

Again, how did I participate in 15 kills if I wasn’t there?

show the replay then instead of asking questions that could be answered by showing the replay…

Tracer enthusiast here. 50k hero dmg on 11 kills seems right. There’s a significant amount of damage padding here but it is probably from Ricochet because you want to keep building up your bomb charge. Whenever you see opponents bunker up, it is better to go elsewhere. With a more organized team and better communication, you would trade 20k of that hero damage for 50k or more siege and still achieve the same result.

Sylvanas’ approach is to beat you with brute force and as Tracer you dance around the enemy between their cooldowns, but in practice you need much lower numbers to remove someone from the fight. You may also think that your health bear is insignificant, while that might be true if someone like Raynor or Hanzo decide to autoattack you, everyone else will struggle to hit you.

You’ll spare your team of directional and ground spells if you decide to flank, maybe even a large burst ability like Pyroblast if the enemy in their desperation decides to use it on you. Many other are predictable and you can blink the cast and each one you dodge is 30%+ on your health bar. You can also run ahead of the enemy to bodyblock them while dealing full damage, who else can do that?

Just because the number is low it doesn’t mean it is a bad player, sometimes it is the opposite. Ricochet works against melee teams without a lot of splash healing. In some cases you can overwhelm them with damage and this can be seen in ARAM games. My personal opinion is that Bullet Spray carries the game much better while providing a much more efficient wave clear.

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yes but elite ai’s? adept will give a sufficient challenge for the people I saw

I do efforts when it’s worth it. I believe you will have the same outlook no matter what you see in the replay. So I will invest these 30 minutes in something else.

If you want to show your own Zul Jin replays, feel free to do so.

Actually no. I had picked “Bullet Spray”. Ricochet is a liability when pushing a structure ever since forts focus you. When you pick Ricochet, it will always bounce from the fort to an enemy,(The range is super large) and the fort ALWAYS targets you. Maybe due to attack speed.

I do, but your small body makes it easy to go around. D. VA is really good at that though.

Burden of proof is on you. If you don’t want to, that’s on you. I’m not the one hiding behind questions because you’re scared you’re wrong.