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I left ranked long ago for the same reason. Toxic players who think they are king of the world and everything they say is law. I’m glad i did that cause ranked in low league are filled with arrogant/toxic people who live in their own burble.

Just another kid who should have been banned long time ago seriusly.


same feeling here. i don’t like playing on weekend for that reason

Its just hard for me to climb so I’m not accustomed to different bans besides Kael, Az, Diablo, Qhira and all those low league bans. It actually was an Unranked. He didn’t need to be like that though even though I’m a lower level than him.

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sweet jesus stop matching me with silenced players i’m so tilted when i get silenced player in my team who focus enemy tank and ignore the squishy heroes jesus christ i hate this… why can’t silenced players get matched with each other instead of ruin our freaking games???

I dont think there are enough of them to make a game.

Also i dont think every silence players in this game are that bad. It’s only the most stupid of them who are. Those who feeds to a 0-10 score and spam pings you whole game and ignore objects.

I really enjoy getting to play 4v5 all game, literally didn’t load into the game so bot all game long, was super fun. I really hope all my games are like that from now on…

i’ve got an idea,silenced players can be matched with the people who turn ally chat off.They would get along well


I wonder how fun a match this will be

5 silenced players vs 5 feeders/afk team.
Think minion waves will end the game before the players will.


all teamates almost willingly running into ming’s orb all freaking game long

not the first 5 minutes like they’re gonna notice the li-ming who’s kinda hiding and sniping with orbs

not the first 10 minutes

not the first 15 minutes











HOTS 2019



Tychus: maybe.
Zeratul: not a good ban. The gold rank players usually don’t have the skill to play him. They often go in too early, get CC by the tank and die. High Gold tanks usually know how to peel. If the person who can play Zertul well, then he/she has higher skill than Gold. TBH, I usually don’t see good Zeratul in low plat either.

Why does it seem like every Abathur takes the monstrosity these day? Like I’m in games that would be a free win if we have the extra body in team fights from UE and they take Monstro and farm it while the rest of us lose 4v5 at the objective. Over and over again. In ranked.


Well that guy was just a jerk then. :rage:

Stitches that never presses R to just slow everyone in 5 v 5 (:

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someone end me.


Today was really bad day for me.

  1. First game, draft on BoE:

“don’t pick Tyrande, we need real healer not that poor support

  1. Second game:

Our Varian was out of position and he was flanked by 4 enemy players. I was able to save him using Anduin’s trait. I pull him near our towers, everything seemed to be ok. However, immediatelly after I saved him he used Charge to dive back 1v4. He died instantly…


Its a good day to play healer when my team completly ignore me and just chase kills and dont even respond to my pings.

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Muradin missed all his Qs, never completed quest, died a lot, just kept jumping in and dying, never protected the backline.

Muradin: “we lost because our DPS do no damage”

shaking my smh


Welp, this was our Cursed Hollow draft. I actually kind of love it when you see the weirdo comps and heroes.

And Darak, I have very sad news for you. The Ana took Eye of Horus, with a DBlade Genji on her team.

(Not that it really mattered, of course I took Bunker!)


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Oh, we won. Blaze with New Habits and Bunker counters their team pretty well, and their Ana was, well, um, special.