Salt from people who think this is League of Legends


Why are so many people still thinking that this is League of Legends? LoL only has one map, and one objective, where children fight each other over what lane they are going to be in, and will throw a match at the drop of …well, for literally any reason at all, really.

HoTS is the opposite. Especially in Quick Match. I try to not take it too seriously. I come in, I pick a character, usually based off of a quest I have, and I do my best to try and help the team out. Often, depending on who I am playing and how my team is performing, I might have to actually push myself to do more for them, even if they yell at me because they do not understand the map objective. Each map is different, so each thing I might do is different.
I might play Varian, where I will push a lane so hard that the enemy sends 2-3 people to kill me…and then I kill all three of them, and then capture the mercenary camps in their jungle as well as mine. Or maybe I do that, and then go capture a temple…whatever is needed.

But I just played a match, in QM. On the Raven Lord map. THe one with all the shrines that launch at the enemy base? Anyway.
I picked Chen. It was QM, so I had no idea what map I was going to get. But to be fair, Chen does not really have any “bad” maps per se, so yeah.

My team:
Chen (me)
Nova (toxic little turd)

Enemy team:

So we are already out-classed. They have three tanks, two with a crap ton of self healing, and another with a good amount of self healing. And then two healers on top of that. We were basically going to lose from the start.

But I pushed in, tried to peel when I could, but really I just played as annoyingly as I could, just pestering the enemy team with some pokes, and then standing there soaking a lot of their damage. Nova would just do one shot and then run for about 20 seconds, then miss her next shot…They were kind of bad. Our Greymane was just flat out countered by their team, and then the enemy team kept trying to dive our only healer, and nobody would peel with me.
Meanwhile, their team has about 6 different ways to stop me from using my passive as Chen, so my shields are hardly ever up, but Lili’s healing is pretty good, but there is no ammount of healing that can help.

Meanwhile, the whole time this Nova is legit spending more time typing than shooting. At about the halfway point, I go up top to get those little scarecrow guys at the camp, and push out top. Maybe a solid minute of the match. I was also farming health orbs for my quest, because I really like it. I got 6 out of them in the one minute. I was about to go to the next objective, and see nova left a comment.
She said “this d-rubbing fa***t chen is afk top, great throwing you dipshi…”
And the Lili asked wtf she was talking about, and then the dude went on an five minute tirade, talking mad crap…
she is the only one talking about me, becaus the rest realise that I am actually doing my job as much as possible. They all realise the circumstances.

But because I spoke up at all, this person felt the need to verbally abuse me for no other reason than that.


In every case like this just report and move on.


Because both games are mobas!

Never ever play Quick Match when you don`t like clown fiesta!

You seem to be an impressive player I’m sorry for you that the others are so bad and annoying you

I read your entire post :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: thanks for this funny story


There are some stupid players out there and they have no desire to improve, that’s just a hard fact. If those players get mad at you simply because you encourage them to help you with the objective, that’s not your fault. All these players want to do is aram the enemies 24/7 and you can use that reason why your team lost. If they just want to mindlessly kill enemies, they can just Alt+F4 and just go play some Fortnite or any other game with no tactical depth.

Don’t let the egoists trigger you, that’s simply how they are and that’s what LoL consistently promotes.

Before you tell me to go play Unranked or Ranked, I’m not willing to wait through 5-10 minutes in draft before the actual game starts. That’s just me… :sob:


LOL NO. I just picked up a more objective based mind from being in Diamond and up in League. I learned how to work with my team. The basic stuff.
I play QM because it is about 6% less toxic than Ranked HoTS lol.
And I do not feel the same pressure to perform. I just do as well as I can.

yeah, what is up with this “all mid” strat? I came back a few months ago after ABOUT a year of not playing, and suddenly everybody just goes all mid. It is crazy.


NotParadox goes quite in depth as to answer your question.

Here are the points he makes when to fight in mid lane:

  1. If your team has early quests to complete, it’s recommended to fight in mid lane. If your enemies have early quests, instead, split up and soak lanes.
  2. If your team has early kill pressure (Stitches hook).
  3. If your team is a strong early game comp that is encouraged to fight as early as possible at the start of the match.


Really? I found that it is the exact opposite for me. There are a few times people throw a fit, but not as often I see it in QM. Strange.

It’s a gamble mid run for stacks or slight advantage at the beginning if that’s what you’re asking. Not sure about always going all mid all the time.


The devs have balanced around hyper casuals for years and these same hyper casuals tend to be LOL rejects/bronzies who only queue up to crap up queue. Since the devs constantly bow to them, they keep ruining the game, never get banned, never get told to Git Gud by the devs, etc.

a great attitude to have. too many people think trying the same tactic over and over will work and when it doesn’t, they mentally collapse.

Unfortunately, low skill players often take out their frustrations from their own poor play on other people.

Because people are afraid to communicate otherwise. The silence happy nature of HOTS (thanks to incompetent devs) makes it so that communicating at all is risky, leading to the only communications being pent up anger filled. if the devs weren’t awful, people would be educated more often on why something they are doing or saying is wrong.


That’s all you had to say. We understand that there’s a specific demographic that gravitates towards that hero. They’re not exactly known for being good at the game.


Not sure that was unwinnable back when I played because Auriel is highly susceptible to poke damage, and you had 2 poke lords who could stall obj easily depending on their build.

that being said, I hear Aba is an uber healer now so that might not be true anymore.


Yeah, its literally every game I have played since I came back. So much so, that I have tried my best to just avoid the first team-fight. To me, in QM at least, its not worth the risk of losing people. QM has some pretty bad teamwork, so I do not understand where people think it works. I can recall 2 matches where my team got a “Team Kill” with the all mid thing. Its better, for me and in QM, to just go to a different lane (depending on the map) and just soak more exp. Generally I can get a solit 6 minutes of free lane farming and USUALLY can take out their whole first wall and Well, and often their first big turret and then go back and get camps or something else usefull for the win.

I feel like this sums up most online games. Overwatch does it, HoTS does it. League does it now. I miss The Tribunal. It was about as fair and just as you could get.
Players got punished for starting drama and such, instead of what happens now, where the victims are punished just for simply defending themselves.
I stopped a few years back.

Hey…I play Nova OwO (I’m kidding, don’t take the face thingy serious)
But really, I do play Nova. You hurt my feelers LOL (not really) though this is the first time I have had a toxic Nova. Its usually the Melee that are like that.

Yeah, it was more that they had three people on their team that have high self healing, in combination with two healers. Auriel is not weak to poke damage when she is constantly surrounded by by three “Incredible Hulks” ready to HULK SMASH my face in lol.
Dehaka’s self healing is legendary. Leorics self healing is, IMO, a bit above average, and Mal’ganis just seems to never die lol.

SORRY about the late responses.

And thanks for the info! It actually helped a lot.


Report and move on. Best case scenario, they get silenced and then cannot verbally abuse those who feel like special snowflakes and cry when someone “sez sumtin meen”

Seriously though. Nova player has no right to whine even if you are AFK, they chose Nova. It would be like choosing TLV, Or choosing Nova.
Nova use to be decent… USE TO BE! She cannot even snipe n00bs anymore.


since you come from LOL, shouldn’t you already be used to toxicity and salty players (learned how to deal with it)? It’s absurd to prefer QM over ranked just because of toxicity. On top of that you claim the difference is only 6% xD


But you had two heroes who played correctly should be able to focus down someone pre aba buffs.

Nova should have been on the back side poking Auriel while you defended the obj and let the enemy push into your 4man. Naz and GM have super single target damage and w/ saving blinds for Malg, and you creating space for naz and gm with peels.

You certainly would not want to be playing Chen like his design of back lining. You would let your Nova cause disruption.

Now, you would have to play a little better than them, but you should be killing them.

Again the caveat is Abas buffs. Not sure how much that changes the equation. Maybe he changes the entire dynamics now.


The keyword is should. Every match is full of should.

I don’t come from League, I was playing both, and before league I was playing DOTA.
This was more of a funny story post/minor complaint and confusion. It has nothing to do with me being or not being able to handle the toxic nonsense.

And I never said that toxicity was the only reason I play QM. You are literally just saying things that were never said. Inventing stories to fit your narrative.
And the 6% is hyperbole. Sarcasm. An exaggeration. Not exact.
Everything about your post, Creeper, shouts that you are bored and want attention. Past this, thats all you get.


idk what you’re smoking. Based on team composition (not player’s skill), you will win 100%


But I mean you said you were outclassed.

I was just explaining that it was not necessarily the case. Unless Aba is buffed beyond hope, you could of, if not should of won that match if everyone did what they should of.

My question is did you try to back line to kill Auriel, or did you focus instead on keeping space for your Greymane and Naz from MG and Dhek and keeping the objective poked. Maybe trying to isolate one of them with a barrel roll.

Naz and GMane have some of the highest single target damage in the game and can shred a tank given the opportunity and played right. They are also both able to keep space.

I think GMane should of been cursed bullet here too and you isolate an extended tank and shred him down.


You weren’t outclassed at all. YEa, early game woulda been rough, but if played properly, the enemy team shouldn’t have had a chance at all late-game. Granted, the Nova was at fault for not forcing Abathur to sit in core to prevent his soak and thus allowing Nazeebo to snowball you guys to 20, but lvl 16 on, Greymane shoulda been able to single-handidly carry you guys with that comp.