S4Y toxic player

hey i’ve been seeing you around :smiley:

They apparently do talk, just joined a group I was in, we mentioned it was not, and he left and didn’t respond to anything. He does type I guess, just chooses not to respond when people call him out. More evidence he is intentionally messing with people.

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Blizzard will not ban players until they get X amount of reports. Even then its a bot reporting system so its not gonna last long. Games dead. Best move on

Not a particularly constructive comment

Welcome in HOTS you report this toxic afk and next game Bli$$ard pairink with him

he must have got banned or something because he has a new account S2Y#2423

and that is the problem, bans do nothing in this game. he will get lvl 50 and be back to trolling ranked in a day at best.

Héroes de la tormenta tensión en el equipo un tigre de carnicero :cat2:

new account is s3y#21996

Yep, just dodged a game with him. He’s got chat off (seemingly), and was on a massive loss streak, with someone on the team already mentioning he played a few games with him…

Just report and move on everytime you see his name.

yup. seen him before, and yeah he is.