S4Y toxic player

Any other silver players encountered S4Y? he usually insta picks abathur and then just hats the tank the entire game. When people ask him to soak he usually afks. Never says anything. but Highly toxic gameplay regardless.


A reminder that calling out players by name is frowned upon in the forums.

You seem to be the toxic one as far i can see.

Hat on tanks works for spike build as it will sustain the tank and deal mass dmg at once.

It could also slow enemies and make easy chases

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Yes. They do nothing but troll SL all day. They literally have over 2000 games played this season alone. It’s a testament to the absolute uselessness of Blizzard’s reporting that this person hasn’t gotten their account deleted.

I think he BOTS, to be honest. I see him all the time. Yes, he locks aba, then sits in base, not even in range of the locust hitting the lane. I have heard from other people that they have seen him on other heroes and he is really good, despite ‘playing’ Abathur terrible. I think he IS botting because the game play on aba is terrible, and that seems to be the easiest hero to bot on (not booted). Also never chats either.

I see him on Az a lot too when Aba is banned, and he just split pushes entire game, regardless of the map. Like has 8k hero dmg at the end of game. So maybe he bots, but if Aba gets banned he hops on and plays? Or he just trolling? Dunno. Either way, he is toxic to games, despite not chatting. It simply ruins every game he is in.


Agreed. I see people banned for abusive chat (when they are not abusive), but HOTS doesn’t seem to care about people throwing games on purpose at all.

Lucky for you guys S4Y seems to have hit low Plat in the last two months. He now sometimes plays azmo, but still never says anything.

I’ve got a positive winrate with him on my team, cause I just pick and play around the fact that he’s gonna play Abby.

Much as I respect not calling out others on this forum, this player actually is kind of a menace. They doo not communicate at all, and specifically play something like a nova or azmo or abathur and just primarily lane all game without any thought to objective to the point it’s a huge detriment to their team and compromises the gaming experiences of many players on both teams, especially their own. What’s worse is that I have seen them actually try and they are a good player, meaning they can intentionally choosing when to play well, which may suggest they bot at times or at least in some way choose to not play properly to the point it ruins the game for others to the point that a report is justifiable. The issue is that regardless of people reporting them, and trust me both teams often report them, they do not seem to be affected by suspension or any repercussions whatsoever for their play. They also have a high enough level account it’s clear they’ve been doing this for a while without punishment. Given the lack of accountability, I can understand the sentiment to call them out, but I would still remind that the forums are not the place for this.

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Read the comments, this player actually is a problem, though I agree calling out in forums is generally wrong

I mean blizzard wont do nothing about these players, they wont let the community do anything so what does it matter?

He is around platinum these days right?

S4Y is profoundly autistic, that’s why he is the way he is. You cannot reason with him, just accept that he has reasons for what he does (That you will never know), all you can do is play along and hope you win.

Yeah, they don’t care about trolling. SO much so, that I just got suspended for abusive chat, despite the fact that I have my game chat turned off %90 of the time. I just turn it on when people are feeding and tell them to stop picking bad fights. People apparently report you for that. Also, I know tons of people that report you as abusive if you don’t come to objective (because it is a bad fight). They know blizzard does not police people trolling, only abusive…so they only report that, even if you say nothing abusive. It’s a joke. Get the feeders and trolls out of the game, THAT is the big issue. You can silence toxic people, you can’t do ANYTHING about people throwing as players.

What can you expect from a bot system? You get reported, bots only tally up the reports then when you hit the magic number, Bam you silenced.

Have you heard him speak, otherwise use that to explain himself or some other more concrete reasoning, or are you saying this based on your own evaluation? There could be many reasons he does what he does, which I acknowledge, but the point remains, it screws things up for at this point hundreds of players likely.

This player constantly trolls games, he will throw intentionally, when he uses naz he will zombie wall his own team mates, when he plays abathur he will never hat the correct player and will sit at the well not even body soaking exp. As others have stated, he picks and chooses when to play well or not play well, normally he will target a specific player that has called him out for his misconduct, throw the game when he plays with them, and then actually try to win when hes on the enemy team against whatever player hes trolling. He has been reported countless times and I havent seen him on lately so hopefully he was finally banned for his intentional throwing of games. The fact that this player was called out months ago is evidence that the reporting system really doesn’t work.

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I got him yesterday, he called me a troll and banned all 3 of my highest level characters, Then he locked abby and refused to soak or hat anyone.

He’s still not banned, he intentionally threw 2 more games today. S4Y#1320

OMG. Yes I had a huge issue with this kid. and he told me he doesn’t give a sh*t because they wont ban him. He will pick Abathur every time in ranked, doesn’t care about his team, and his win rate is below 40%. This is SO TOXIC but blizzard wont do anything about it because it doesn’t fit the criteria. even though he’s ruined THOUSANDS of peoples games.

Just by seeing how many people have had NEGATIVE encounters with 1 specific player, He really really really deserves a permanent ban on his account. He can ruining 1000s of games for people, but nothing happens? but I tell a few players they are bad and I get my account permanently banned? Doesn’t make any sense to me. It’s not right, and it’s why I may be done with this game for good soon.