Rip sylvanas..... 15 char


Compelling argument…


What matters is that you can whine!


I tried a build that does 5k damage in 3 seconds at level 20. Same amount than I do now, just in another way.


While i understand your frustration with playstyle changes (Tyrande/Chromie), Sylvana´s playstyle so far was pretty annoying and limiting.


I love playing Sylv, and that would be my chief complaint, she’s a one trick poney. I would just play her exactly the same way over and over because of her “limitations”, it gets boring fast.


another original and fun to play hero destroyed and transformed into a generical moba assasin.



another original and fun to play hero destroyed and transformed into a generical moba assasin.


Other than losing some wave clear and her ability to control lanes she plays very, very similarly, just in a more complex and strategic way. The pace of her abilities has changed but that hardly makes her ‘generic’.

Like, it really just sounds like people are complaining they gave her reasonable hero (burst) damage in exchange for her toxic trait. (Which she still has, it just has to be used more strategically) and to me that’s just absurd.


Rest in peace my queen, you will be missed :frowning:


Take only half of the argument and say it’s not a good argument. The second half of the statement is the compelling part.


As a level 38 sylvanas this rework will kill her off unless she recieves significant buffs.

People that dont understand that what made Sylv survive her last rework was her trait and her ability to W spread dmg from afar (walk in range click walk away) along with burst late game in situations she can finish off an enemy or fighting a low sustain squishie 1v1.
She cant do that now, her AAs simply dont do enough sustained dmg compared to other heroes, she doesnt have the range of them and shes extremely squishy and gets shredded by everything.
She already struggled as a solo lane early against many heroes, she will simply not be able to do that anymore.

Sylv doesnt have the luxury to stand there and auto attack people.

Her mana costs have been increased and her AAs reduced? Sylv already struggled with mana early, her Q now deals less dmg and has a slower fire rate, and you cant shoot it while one is still firing, and its CD has been increased.

Merc Queen was always useless except for cheeze in QM when the enemy didnt have the heroes to clear camps/ felt like leaving you to your own devices while pushing. Considering the new exp changes it will become even more useless.

Youre assuming sylv can sit and AA a target and getting 5 shots over about 3 seconds on an automated ability that wont kit anything else in range, and that sylv isnt dead by the time she gets 3 AAs (with her tiny range and base hp) and then 5 Qs off.

Sylv cant function as a ranged assassin effectively unless she get serious HP buffs, dps or range buffs, or a sustain buff.
Shes a worse Valla, and Valla isnt good.


Are you aware that her HP was buffed? That remorseless gives her a 6.5 range? That Q had its range increased to be even longer than it is now with With the Wind? That Life Drain has been reworked to finally not be useless and provide serious sustain? All these things have already happened, so what do you think her issues are? And how can you be sure you’re not just rejecting change?


yes, hero is destroyed, do they do lots of damage? sure!
but its like the Tyrande rework, they took a unique hero and made her a generic healbot.

Sylvanas was another unique hero that has been turned into “assassin no.420.”

they are in a habit of taking unique heroes and removing everything that makes them special so they are merely a clone amongst clones.
we already have a pile of generic damage dealers, so lets hurl one more on the pile!


Funny. Tyrande is 90% popularity hero in tournaments and her healing is least important. Shame that this playerbase is so stubborn and unwilling to improve.
Now time for Sylv.


Throwing everything on one person is what we call burst.

DPS is damage per second.

These are not the same thing.

Not true, her talents augment her damage far better on PTR while live only has at most 3 talents that are 13 and 16 respectively.

No that’s a good thing, she’s far better at teamfights now with her damage output and she can time pushes with disabling structures and minions, not to mention she can disable everything at once like she used to.

Its okish, I’m disappointed they made the quest complicated but if you’re just going for the CDR at 7 and the armor reduction at 13, it’s pretty terrifying.

I’m pretty sure at this point, people aren’t doing the math or are refusing to acknowledge her talents actually give her more damage than what she has on live by far.


DPS and burst are not mutually exclusive, one can be calculated off the other. The new Sylvanas cannot deal 4.2k dmg in 2 seconds, I welcome you to record a video proving me wrong.


Timestamped for your pleasure.


You do realize he is hitting multiple enemies in this clip, right? Try again.


If you were actually looking closely he’s only done about 500-600 damage to the other adjacent dummy.

Why do I have to post videos for you when you could just do that yourself in PTR. If anything that video still proves she can easily get skyrocketing burst numbers in a short amount of time.


Wrong, Wailing Arrow alone dealt 687 damage to the dummy and the Shadow Dagger an additional 450-ish. Also, that’s not 2 seconds, for every tick of damage to take effect it’s well above 3 seconds.

I did, that’s why I’m calling bullsht on people with their ridiculous “4.2k damage in 2 seconds” claims.

Here, I took the liberty of recreating that guy’s attempt at showcasing Sylvanas’s INSANE burst, as you can see it’s pretty close:

Want to know the fun part though? This is the current Sylvanas from live.


I am aware. I am aware she got 100hp buff, but dont worry, she can get her AA range increased at lvl 13. also worry not, Sylv will be able to heal for 30% of her own dmg dealt after she gets 3 AAs on an enemy. Shes gonna do great fighting heroes who dont out dmg her. Oh wait, thats basically supports and not even all tanks.

Let me put it anotherway, why would you pick new Sylv over any other heroes?
Shes squshy af, she deals low sustained dmg and she doesnt have very good burst, and one delayed movement ability. To put it into perspective, with the buff she is squishier on base hp, than both Genji and Stg. Hammer, and deals less dmg than them.

What would her role be in a team? yes, Valla will be able to take about 2 AAs less than the new sylv, but she has more mobility, provides more sustained dmg, more burst and CC. If you want a hiper squshy to baby sit to attack the closest enemy in range, pick Valla. Jimmy has more dmg, more sustain, more range and CC for that.
Why would you pick the new Sylv over Cassia, Jimmy, Hanzo, or basically any other sustained/burst dmg hero?

So lets take Valla again, Just base stats, Valla will have 200 less hp than new Sylv.
Base line attack dmg Valla 75, Sylv 81.
Valla Q 140 dmg on hit and 160 on the second 2 hits. Sylv Q 39 dmg per charge can shoot 5 over around 2,5 seconds (0.375 fire rate) cant shoot new one until the previous one hits. CD increased from 2 seconds to 8.
Valla W 172 dmg in a cone in front of her. Sylv W 29 dmg, Sylv has to deal aditional dmg to get the 29 dmg dmg to spread to nearby enemies.
Valla E, allows her to immediately move to an area, making her AAs to deal bonus dmg. Sylv e, you can jump to it after it travels, deals a bit of tickle dmg, not worth to use just for dmg.

Valla trait attacking anything gives 8% bonus AA dmg and movement speed, per stack at a max of 10 stacks.
Sylv trait? you must AA the same target in order to eventually get a bonus of 25% increased dmg towards the target.

I love my girl Sylv, and trust me im hoping Im wrong about this. But I dont think thats likely. Sylv had more assassin potential before her rework (not this new one), and I kind of think if they just altered her trait back then it might be better, but they went back and forth with her, where they first wanted her to fit better into the specialist class and messed with her, but then decided they hate her trait and messed with her as a specialist, and now she lost both.