Rexxar new skin when?


so i been playing a lot of rexxar lately and he been one of my most favorite hero to play. im surprised that the new solider skins didn’t include rexxar in it :frowning:. When will we see a new rexxar skin?


Misha is what’s holding him back


TLV and Ragnaros Say hi


rex doesnt just have base skins though, he got an epic or something sc themed one iirc


those starcraft skins are legendary tier, 1600 a pop.


I have two skin ideas for a really long time now.
Sleepover Rexxar (to be friends with Pajamathur and the pajama Vikings). Misha would be a teddybear, Rexxar would throw pillows. He even has feint death which is sleeping, could get lil “zzz”-s above his head for the duration.
The other is Ninja Rexxar: Misha is a panda. Rexxar throws shurikens.
(Plus I want an easter egg skin which cheats with copyrights and makes Rexxar look more like Batman and Misha as Robin. We have Wolverine Kharazim and Darth Vader Leoric it can’t be an issue.)


that is absolutely freaking brilliant


Ragnaros deserves skin before anyone else atm. Not only he has one special skin (+ master), but they all are in red/orange scheme, which is pretty boring.


Old post but I still think Rexxar should of gotten a new skin in the “Join The Resistance” patch. Is it too late?