Retreating is Overpowered

Queued up for a match. Teammates are steller and our comp is much better than the enemy’s. Should have been an easy win, but then the enemy started doing this weird thing where they run away from our team whenever they are at a disadvantage.

It was sooooooo annoying. They were never willing to just let us kill them. They peeled for each other and went to great lengthes to disengage if they were losing a fight. We didn’t get a single kill on them.

The worst part is that the only time they wouldn’t retreat is when they had the advantage! If the odds were in their favor it was only then that they would attack us. Between their constant retreats and their tactical engagements they got several kills on our team, but only because they were too cowardly to face us at our strongest.

Anyways I’d like to propose a change to the game. Lets double the movement speed of all characters when they are moving in the direction of an enemy. I want both teams to crash into one another in the middle of the map like a pair of trains. I want there to be no tactical cohesion or positioning whatsoever, just a nonstop series of butcher charges as players ram into one another as a way of moving across the battle field. As an added bonus change this eliminates the fog of war since all you have to do is walk in circles and note the direction you are moving fastest in to find enemy players.

I think this change would make the game 1000000 times better. What are your thoughts?


There are actually teams buildt around retreating, these teams are based on siege though.
It seems like the enemy team simply outsmarted you in a way, or outsmarted would be the wrong word.
But they knew after the first fight that TFs would be hopeless, so they had to change their tactics, i would agree with the enemy team on it being foolish to run headfirst into a fight that is obviously a deathsentence.

My thoughts are that someteams already have a massive advantage on dissengaging and some teams have a massive advantage chasing others.

Nazeebo for example is a wonderfull disengage hero and Tracer is an amazing hero to chase down enemy teams.
It is all about comps.

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Imagine being smart and knowing when to go in and out is overpowered. Blizzard nerf brain power ffs!


Instert Padme: this is a satire, right?


My thoughts are:

  • Bravo on the satire
  • The change you are proposing is basically called ARAM – knock yourself out

Imagine if every Hots player on earth suddenly played like a team and not as 5 egoes.

Imagine if mini map never existed. Low league players: Now i can get ganked without getting flamed :open_mouth:

Imagine if Aba was replaced with Overmind.

Imagine Hots forum was updated with all hero avatars and had tripple the population

Imagine if HGC never got canceled.


“Retreat is not weakness. It is Stratergy” -Tyrande.
An overpowered one of that.


People should follow that advise some more. Not every battle need to be full yolo.

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Shhhhh. Don’t tell people about the disengage hack.


Just like the mini map hack.

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You all talk, like there is some strategy in this game :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: I’m silver and last night there were 2 masters in our aram. They just got shattered . There is no strategy or some outplays in this game. There cannot be strategy, becasue the macro play doesnt exist here. Soaking xp and taking camps is not even close to macro in mobas, there is no controling to waves, you just burst them and get the xp. Watched some (pro tournaments). Super boring to watch and just the team that outdraft the other win. More cc + burst and you win. Most of the times 1 player makes a bad move and the other team overtake the map and the game.

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There are also a huge diffrence being a true master and being a fake master that were boosted to his rank. Just like GM#1 in NA is a wintrader.


Is this some kind of a bad joke or what?

The mode you are looking for is ARAM. Bye

Nah, it would make the game 1000000 times worse.

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I wish to report a bug.

Artanis’ Blade Dash causes him to charge forward, which is wonderful, but also causes him to retreat. :angry:

Fix this. I don’t appreciate being lied to.


I want to save this post so I can show it to some of my teammates… Just cause we lost 1 person doesn’t mean we need to lose our whole team :stuck_out_tongue:

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100% approve of this message. :ok_hand: