RESISTANCE PTR; Blaze, Abathur, Ana


the default length of oil spill is 3, with the talent the length of the oil spill is extended to 4 (this is described as an extra oil patch under the enemy hero)

problem is that the oil spill after using jet propulsion is length 4 regardless of impacting a hero or not, as the talent has a condition in order to work

Abathur’s Symbiote Carpace will no longer heal the lvl 10 Monstrosity, could this be an unintended change considering the Monstrosity no longer takes 50% reduced damage from non-heroes (which was in patch notes)

The wording on the reworked Carpace ability changed to require a HERO in order for passive healing to work, I don’t believe this is intentional since on the live version of the game the Regenerative Microbes talent has the wording TARGET, and you can heal every Symbiote friendly non structure target with it, including the Monstrosity (I had to double check)

btw also the new model of Ana with her sniper stance (D trait key) makes her look like she is sliding on ice and it makes her skip walking animations in between attacks and casting abilities, similar to the previous ice skating Raynor visual error

otherwise amazing job on the new skins, their spell effects and animations and thanks for adding them for specific heroes that previously only had Gem purchasable skins



Hey GriM,

Thanks for the reports!

  • Blaze: Fuel Leak appears to be working correctly. It does extend the oil spill naturally to stay underneath blaze as he charges. If he hits a hero however, the additional oil spill appears directly underneath his target regardless if he dashes the full length.

  • Abathur: Symbiote Carapace change is currently intended to only affect heroes.

  • Ana: Animation Issue is a tracked and we hope to have it fixed as soon as we can.

Thank you,
~ Fizivix


Yesterday a Blizzard poster on Reddit actually said that Abathur should still be able to Heal the M. Who is wrong then?