Report for partying with people too low rank

I say we just start reporting people partied with people 2 tiers below them to exploit the partying system. Maybe then when those people start getting suspended blizzard will pay attention. High golds shouldn’t be playing in parties against low silver/high bronze randoms. It actually feels like an exploit.

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It doesnt matter what you report people for, blizzard does not even review the reports. It is all based on number of reports. Also unless they are on your team, you have no way of knowing if the enemy team is doing that to abuse the math making or just cause the match making is that bad.

So while i do agree this crap needs to stop (easiest solution would be if you party with someone higher rank than you in ranked then you will be treated as if you were the same rank as them, thus no more boosting) you can not really do anything to stop it (Thats why i make 5 man premades so i dont have to deeal with it)

I know. So if these people doing it start getting sus for number of reports maybe blizz will have to change it.

Nah its been happening for quite some time now, i would guess over a year and more and more toxic players are abusing it. You pick 1 hero they do not like or pick before them and they think that is trolling and report.

Soooo 2 friends a couple of leagues apart cant play together on a game? That’ll help the player base…

You’ve got to look at it from the angle that its a game designed for fun and people like to party up with whoever. It usually balances out in a way anyway, its not like this gold player is guaranteed to win…

Til you get smurfs who are diamond and up getting silver accounts and boosting players.

The game is dead dude, and the report system doesnt exist.

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Report system does exist, Its a very bad system that is based on number of reports and does not ever reset or get reviewed but it does exist.

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