Recruit a Friend Rewards

Hello Heroes of the Storm Community and Support Team,

I hope everyone is doing well. I am reaching out today because I’ve encountered an issue with the Recruit-a-Friend rewards system that I hope can be resolved as soon as possible.

Background Information

I was referred to Heroes of the Storm by my friend, username MimicTear. Following the proper procedure, I clicked on the referral link, created my account, and have since met the criteria for receiving the Recruit-a-Friend rewards. Unfortunately, I have yet to receive any of the promised rewards, which has been both confusing and disappointing.

Steps Taken

  1. Clicked on MimicTear’s referral link to create my account.
  2. Downloaded and installed Heroes of the Storm.
  3. Completed the tutorial and participated in several matches.
  4. Checked for the rewards in-game, but found nothing.

Attempted Troubleshooting

  • Logged out and back in multiple times to see if the rewards would appear.
  • Checked my email for any verification or redemption links (found none).
  • Cross-verified with MimicTear to ensure the referral process was completed on their end.

Request for Assistance

Would it be possible for the support team to investigate this matter and resolve the issue? It’s quite discouraging to miss out on the Recruit-a-Friend rewards, especially when one of the primary reasons for joining was the incentives offered through this program.

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance. I look forward to a swift resolution so that I can fully enjoy this awesome game!

Best regards,

Sire Denarthius


Same issue being recruited by my friend (username Panik)