Reconnecting System Failure


The game was d/cing me every 30s (as it likes to do every once in a whle). Pretty much all day today no problems THEN update after dinner… now d/cs that make the game unplayable.

So I exit the game during the match… trying to get back in and all I see is the reconnecting screen with my character icon and the 4 team mates but it isn’t progressing at all.

Also would like to know how I can get Windows 10 firewall to totally ignore HOTS. I thought I did so but still I get the window that says something like private vs. public network. I try to click it before the launch screen shows up on HOTS but often fail. I’m just wondering if there is a conflict between windows 10 and HOTS.

While writing this seems to be a bar but not actual re connection system yet…About 50% to my player icon to team icon. I was only gone from the game about 45s. It really shoudln’t take this long.