Raynor's Melee Attack can miss!

Raynor is a Ranged Assassin and not a Melee Assassin so his Melee attack where he stabs the gun into his enemies at Melee Range should not actually function like a Melee Basic Attack

Please make it cosmetic only and keep the function identical to a Ranged Basic Attack

Was this intentional by the developers?

We… shouldn’t count that Illidan can miss even though he is melee.
Or that Abathur can miss withi his… hands? i think they are hands.

Neither of those are RANGED Assassins

Raynor is

Is thix XCOM where with 99% chance of hit you still miss?
looks like it.

I have never played that game but hitting someone does not depend on random chance in this game

You’re very unclear in trying to convey a certain point across. By stating that attacks are missing are you implying that the melee attack fails to deal damage unless the animation plays out in full? Like for example your target crossing the range threshold where Raynor’s attack switches to gunfire from bayonet in the middle of the attack “swing”?

My apologies for that

Yes if the target moves away from Melee Range before the animations plays out in full then Raynor’s attack does absolutely no damage

He did not have this problem when his attack animation was purely Ranged(before he was given some pepper)

Inconvenient yes but not exactly game breaking. It is such a waste that he was given a flavorful modification without an interesting mechanic (or a bonus) being tied to landing such close range attacks with a mindset that a hero like Raynor is designed to be vulnerable to enemies at arms’ length.

Off the top of my head I could also add Genji, Lunara, Cassia and Greymane to the list of heroes that supposedly suffer from this.

But honestly, if characters that solely rely off landing melee aren’t affected by this as much, it’s shouldn’t be that big of a deal for ranged assassins either.

In the end the user experience is very inconsistent, because of the delay inbetween the attacks, the movement speed and the hero collision radius, where all three factors vary significantly among the hero pool.

Rexxar has a melee animation as well but I have only noticed this happening with Raynor after his rework

My point exactly

His unique animation should be anything BUT a hinderance

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I can only agree that there is definitely room for improvement in hero design, but I wouldn’t call this interaction where the attacks might cancel mid-swing a bug, especially when there is such high benefit from stutter stepping while playing auto attack focused heroes.

Worst that could happen is developers offering a high enough incentive for ranged heroes to stand in melee range.

Out of all heroes mentioned Genji at least has fallen off the bandwagon and increasing his melee sword damage could be a nice way of buffing him. He already depends on a risky play style where his goal is to hit the same enemy with all 3 shuriken. Considering how squishy and susceptible to Deflect interrupts he is, it’s not in his interest to stay there for long either.

I agree with this decision

Some people told me it was one though

One the one hand, if an enemy moves away from a Melee character during mid-swing fast enough, the entire attack is canceled.

On the other hand, it does seem highly arbitrary that this would affect only ranged characters with a melee attack animation, and those without melee attack animations do not suffer from the same effect.

My point exactly

It should NOT be happening to any Ranged heroes

i feel malthael miss attacks too i can hear audio of attack animation, but attack did not happened its so weird

Melee heroes missing their attacks when enemies move out of range before the Basic Attack completes is a feature working as intended

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