Rastakhan Skin for Nezeebo?


Rastakhan (Boss in new WoW Raid - Battle of Dazar’alor) has few mechanics from Nezeebo.

(Q) Spiders = Maybe spider too, but mini-raptors would be cool.
(W) Zombiewall = Bwonsamdi can raise skeletons
(E) The frog attack = He actually does the same ability.
(Ultimate) Ghost = Bwonsamdi
(Ultimate) Melee = This big troll in this fight

Why not import him?


I like the idea! I stopped playing WoW (roleplays are dead now :frowning: ) But it sounds really cool! Blizzard should try to do this crossover.


I just purchased a Rastakhan colored grinder. Man it’s great


Bwonsamdi as a hero while we’re at it please. I dont even play wow but seen a couple of cutscenes in and think he would be pretty cool