Ranked ARAM que

I believe now would be a good time to create a ranked ARAM mode. I personally like playing aram the most because its pure pvp. I think having a ranked mode would be freaking awesome!! Pls dev’s do this. I’m sure there will be a ton of players who would LOVE to see this happen!!!

Not to mention that it could probably survive this in terms of queue times, since right now it’s not more than a few seconds to get into a game.

That would be dumb. Why have a ranked mode based on luck?

Aram can never have ranked until all mages are removed from the mode the game is literally whoever gets the most mages wins.

That would be dumb. Why have a ranked mode based on luck?
because it would be fun.

Luck isnt fun. I mean if you think it is then you must be lucky as can be.

You say that, but people do play Hearthstone.

Nope I do not for that reason and many others.

i think ranked would be fun but I dont know why they can just show your MMR for QM and ARAM then ranked would be pointless, other than the structure to the game. there is so much they could do with this game but they sit on there butts all day. when 2.0 was released and kinda failed to bring people back to the game you could tell that they would not put any money/time back into this game.

I have read some braindead proposals on here, but yours takes the cake as 0 brains very dead, proposal.

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