Ranked and why people throw

I seriously can not understand why the hell players join ranked to troll. 1v5 Never works in any game and yet here we are in upper plat with players playing like it is qm. This crap never happened last season but blizzards broken MMR system is rewarding players so they can troll.

Hell today I had a level 50 account with no games played in ranked at all and they were being matched with plats 2 and up. Of course they had no knowledge of blaze and did as I mentioned before, would just dive 1v5 and fed 9 deaths, refusing to listen to the team or acknowledge anything other than forcing uneeded team fights.

Blizzard change this crap already. No sense players are unable to play in ranked without being forced to premade cause they get trolls if they solo que.


You think you have the problems? Try being between Bronze and gold. You’re lucky to have one good game. Every single game is stomp or be stomped. There is no in-between because trolls are too prevalent. From one-trick-murky/illidan/butcher/genji to split-push kings who refuse to EVER leave lane to even attempt to help the team from time to time because the higher ranked players pull it off. On top of that, a good chunk of them play heroes far too complicated for them. I’ve come to the point where I HAVE to ban Quira because I’m tired of dirty scrubs insta-locking her because ppl assume she transcends being OP and therefore an automatic win.

I was gold. I started the season plat one and got trolled down to gold 5. I found my dps carry and climbed back up to plat 2-3 range depending on the day. Point is blizzard is not dealing with these people at all and players should not be having there games decided on which team decides to troll first.

i’d happily take a good murky or genji player but tired of players who play a TEAM game and decide to solo literally all game and just feed.

qhira is so easy to deal with cause if she dives you, its stupid easy to put her out of position and everyone destroy her but yeah I get it, No different than player picking kael and not knowing how to play him.

I share this feeling, and the situation, to the letter.
started plat 5, but every game i get matched with someone who throws the game for some stupid reason. and i’m not talking about playing bad, that i can live with, i’m talking about ACTIVELY hurting the team. either afking or feeding or ignoring the game and just kinda strolling about…
lately this game has become more frustrating than fun. seriously thinking of dropping it, and it’s one of my favorite games.


Its absurd, You pick a hero someone does not like or agree with in lobby and they just afk and throw game from the start. It is out of control

They refuse to make the ranking system more than just based on W/L’s, so this is what we get. One of the worst ranked experiences in all of gaming.

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your not a skilled player then if u go by numbers.

I’m so done with the game atm. went from 67% to 40% winrate. i tried to stay possitive. something is realy off. Blizzard used to be my fav game studio but i feel i’ve been in de dark with all of its games lately. Some weird algoritm is realy rigging my joy to play.


Still the same in August 2020, got a sonya 1 vs 5 all the time, face bush and face check alone in high gold. This game became crap.

I lost all confidence in Blizzard now. Lost my confidence in Wow and then Hearthstone and now Heroes Of The Storm, maybe it s time to say bye bye :frowning:

The system match me with Silver 4-5 when i am Gold 1 plat 5 ! Disgusting !

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Dude I was diamond 3 and got matched against 2 golds which were clearly smurfing. I am sick of the bad players in this game. I dunno why anyone ever thinks its a good idea to dive or engage 1v5 on any class. I am sick of people feeding and throwing.

Ranked needs to treat any groups or premades as the same rank to that of the highest rank player in the group thus removing people boosting one another.

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people who smurf have no skills, regardless what both accounts they are ranked at. its called desperation to be the best, but they are not.

The game needs to go based by skilled player, but thats one of the problems. the computer can’t judge that.

i dropped from diamond 3 to almost plat 3. this game and it’s matchmaking is a joke. quitting is the best thing i can do for my sanity
last game i was playing from blizzard, now i can safely uninstall the last one.
stop wasting your time, change the game