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Idk if its just the hero I am playing { Stukov } or the mmr around this particular hero - BUT I cannot LITERALLY at all WIN 1 game for the life of me. 10+ losses played 1 more game for good measure, and bam 11! I am not even mad, but I was mad … before I uninstalled the game for the hundredth time lmao. Why is it any other hero I have literally a 50% chance if not higher of winning a game? I get it, Stukov is a dependent hero in an arguable sense, but holy crap man. I’ve left a few games with no leaver que … then I got one, and I figured “okay surely this won’t be so bad” And it wasn’t as bad, but it still demonstrated that players in QM are just careless or have no situational awareness. OBVIOUSLY its not Ranked, but wtf man … 54% ish WR dropped within a matter of days. You’d think as your WR drops - you’d get better games where you can just crawl yourself out … but nah man LMAO nah… whatever I am over it - I just needed to broadcast the stupidity of the mmr system.

Side note - Normal games right now seem to be trending on one side, and if there is a snowball its ended before the fight begins. I literally check because I have a brain in most of these … experiences … whether or not who I was up against was in a group or not. I’ll give this game maybe a month, and then decide whether or not its worth my sanity. Till then do me proud ladies, and gents!

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It’s okay to just be bad at a hero.

Heck, I can’t be good on more than 6 or so heroes at a time, and that’s a generous definition of “good.”

Why did you leave them?

Pattern-seeking brain
You want to see connections when the reasons behind it are most likely much simpler than you imagine; A string of circumstances that had little to no relation.

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What was the set up you were facing, which talents you took? I play a lot of stukov, maybe me and others can tell you where to improve… or just post a replay which can be analyzed…

Because stukov is pretty much an allround hero, you shouldn’t have problems in QMs

So after losing 12 games in a row not necessarily due to my own fault, I get asked by a random Nova if my Malfurion is such a bad character going by the stats alone (outhealed by factor of 2.5 by Medic).

Probably, when my frontline is composed of a Xul with locust Abathur on his head, against a team of heavy burst and decent sustained damage, along with tons of CC. You die between two Moonfires regardless of how hard I try. Can’t do wonders if everyone runs into a teamfight blindly and someone is dead before I get to apply my second Regrowth.

Could be because I played a lot of Johanna and Rehgar lately so I keep getting matched not only against best of QM players on EU but against many premades as well. It’s not even a question if a certain team might be premade because the game doesn’t assign such fantastic combinations of characters together at random, ever.

Almost gave up last match after the early game stomp, but the enemy team somehow messed up and lost to a snowball on TOD. Malfurion is not bad, just less than ideal, which is only made worse by the QM clownfest.

If you are queueing alone, my advice would be to play a tank that has decent wave clear, because that is most personal input you can have on the overall quality of your games.

No I understand in terms of awareness, but you make an interesting point. It is a video game, and numbers probably don’t mean anything unless you’re making all the plays. Realistically because of the specific game mode I play - I shouldn’t be expecting much … absolutely. HOWEVER I am not that horrible to say every player I match up with is garbo, but after those many losses I can imagine anyone saying “oh i must suck, oh its just a video game” insert some justification here - and at the end of the day my point being - its annoying either way.

That’s not how the MM works. Although QM its own thing but generally as your MMR tanks you get both worse team mates and worse opponents. And if your true MMR is significantly better than your opponents’, you will likely climb back eventually.