QMs vs Ranked, a limbo of choices

A topic about the choice of game mode and the forum filled complaints on the matter.

As of now there are tons of posts on how the QM matchmaking is broken.
If it’s not the MMR difference, then it is the setups, if not that then there are stacks vs solo’s.

My question would then be, if you want proper games, why don’t you just play ranked?
Pre-determined before the match starts as to what role everyone is playing, ranks are supposedly equal apart from the times that you face smurfs.
You can draft and ban so that you don’t have to send in yet another “Valla is broken” post.

QMs are what i would consider a “fun mode”, where i go to practice heroes and generally try out new things for the fun of it, sometimes i go with premades to make teams of 5 supports or something out of the ordinary that i can’t pick in ranked.

Ranked is what i would consider “Serious mode” where you go in to play properly, where people should act properly, pick properly and in general take the game seriously.

What i am really questioning is why people are constantly complaining about matchmaking is QM, like why would it matter if your facing a team that obliterates you?
If you had gone ranked in the first place then atleast you would face your equals.
Why do you complain about matchups when it comes to comps? had you gone ranked then atleast you could have crafted your comp somewhat, ofc you will face those people here and there that just wants to troll, but that will happen less often than in QMs.
It seems that there is a mode for you out there that will fix all your problems, yet you stick to QMs in spite of this, i have seen alot of hate posts for ranked aswell.
So then your kinda stuck in a limbo, as QMs doesn’t fill your needs, and ranked doesn’t fill it either for some reason.


The reasons you see most commonly listed on the forums for why they do not play ranked range from not liking the time it takes to find a match and draft, wanting to play a specific hero (and only that hero!), or disliking being “forced” to tank or heal.

To me, the issue with all the complaints is it feels like it is a problem with people’s expectations, not the mode itself. They expect to play their glass cannon hyper-carry, and further expect both teams to be centered around their hero for “fair” game play. Finding themselves matched against a Zeratul is “not fair”.


We might be under the same impression then, it seems people enter QM hoping that their team and the enemy team will be made in such a way that they themselfs will be facerolling the entire match, in hopes of having fun with 40 kills, and when it turns out that 90% of the matches actually is a struggle to get a single kill, then that evolves into a forum post about how bad the mode is.

I agree, for as much balance as possible, que up for SL.

Want to prioritize faster que times, go QM with your favorite hero.

I don’t get those who expect perfect balance in QM. It’s just meant to get you into a game with a hero you like, as soon as possible.

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The irony is that if more people queued for SL, several of the reasons not to do so – wait times, MMR (dis)parity – would be improved, perhaps drastically.

Well just. Just look at how many ARAM posts have been made the past week.
People join ARAM and expect balanced games but will walk away dissappointed and then complain about it here.

Same goes for qm. They join with a mage and then gets matched up againts a Valeera or Nova and gets rect out of the map.

5v5 dps teams in general ends up being a clownfest most of the time. Thats why I liked the change that forced tank/healer comps even tho it had 3-4 min longer que time but I would rather have that then 10 sec que and join a stomp fest.

I have played 3 ranked seasons now but quitted fairly fast again casue of bad games and general bad experince with other players.

  1. Like you get flamed for picking healer if you got a healer main on your team
  2. Someone will first pick Nova and troll.
  3. You got that random russian/ukraine guy who flame in cyrill letters while feeding
  4. When you are the banner some people will flame if you ban his main or ban a hero that are not meta.
  5. Even in high plat where I played some people had no clue how to soak or take camps so that just validates that ranked can be a giant clown fiesta too like qm.

When you join ranked you really expect people to be much better then your average qm player but thats not the case sometimes.

These are all kind of lame reasons to be annoyed at ranked.

  1. You can play double healer comps.
  2. So? Nova first pick works just fine if the Nova doesn’t suck.
  3. As if the Russian/Ukraine guy doesn’t play QM.
  4. If you communicate and/or check peoples’ profiles, that’s usually not a problem.
  5. You sound like a plat player when the first thing you emphasize is soaking.

Quick-Match is the ONLY mode that matters in this game. It is the fiery crucible where True Heroes are Forged! The only mode where every player truly shares the same rank going in.

Ranked? Unranked? Bronze? Gold? The only thing that matters in Quick-match is who WINS and who LOSES.

I think you are on point here Frogsaron

Your reasons listed for bad experiences are what i kinda "expect from Silver to Plat whenever i make smurf accounts.
Alot of people lack the ability to adapt to situations leaving kinda the rest of the bunch having to pick up for that lazy player, most of the time it is not because they can’t, it’s simply that they refuse to be anything but the “DPS star player” of the match.

What i would love to see those is more love on the flipside of the MvP situation in lower ranks, in high ranked matches we often see Tanks and Healers on the MvP stand.
But those roles require such a great amount of skill compared to the values of a DPS player that gets the title, i think that aswell leads most players to the DPS role.
Also those Tank and Healers in high ranked that gets the MvPs in tons of matches are usually massivly good at those roles and will often controll the entire match.

Also this, unfortunatly the skill cap in ranked is extremly low, i came into this game with my League of Legends knowledge, and could easily climb to diamond with that only.
In Diamond alot of people are stil not bringing camps down at the right times or if at all.
Ranked is very often a clown fiesta, and i’ve always called this out but i will say it again.
Plat 5 to D3 is the absolutly worst of the worst.
They are at the edge of all toxicity out there, they play poorly, but got a rank that is decently high making them think they know the game well.
It’s just an apauling rank overall.

Also nothing wrong with Nova, one of my Smurf accounts i dedicated to ranking as Nova only and went from Silver to Master as Nova only.
Was a fun experience, but like 50% of my matches from Silver to Plat was people going AFK because i picked Nova.
Which was annoying, and made the climb harder.

i usually spent more time searching a game for ranked that actually playing that game

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Of course QM is not as balanced. I know some people play Super Smash Bros seriously, but most would do it for a couple sessions of good times.

I just wish QM rewards tank and healer players more, so that there would be more balance teams.

I’ve heard this is a problem at some regions, which region are you playing from?
I myself am playing in Europe, and we got no problems with que times to my experience atleast.

On my server I can queue ranked for 3 hours without a game

Except that’s not true at all. Quick match has an MMR. New players will get considerably easier matches there compared to people with 3k+ MMR who are mostly pitted against each other (though sadly it can sometimes put low MMR into high rated games, which isn’t fun for either side).

You might be thinking of ARAM. That mode has no matchmaking and everyone is treated the same. A level 2 newbie and a grandmaster who is level 1400 can be on the same side. Even an Elite AI can be your teammate in ARAM if there aren’t enough real players.

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^^ Only someone who rarely plays QM would say such things.

Quick-match is a Warzone. DO NOT venture into QM unless you’re bringing your A-GAME at all times, or… you will get beaten unmercifully.

Edit: ARAM is pretty much the Ultimate “casual” experience. I don’t see how anyone could be upset at losing in ARAM. Nobody is playing their main characters, it’s just randomly selected BS and then going at it.

Probably the same ones who demand balance in AI… Yes there’s people who lose AI somehow. Both modes (AI and ARAM) are really just hypercasual nonsense.

Though I love ARAM. That’s what I play most days if I’m burnt out on SL.

As Hoku put it, the biggest issue with many players is their expectations, and not a particular ‘problem’ with the game. What people want is gratification, but they don’t want the effort or consequences to realize that. (People have such an aversion to ‘consequences’ that many assume/understand the word to only have ‘bad’ meanings to it.)

Rather than do something to shift their expectations, or account for what they claim they ‘expect’, they just look for something else to blame instead. “oh that team has [thing] and we have [zang] so of course we’re going to lose”

Part of the issue of expectations on the modes is players expect the game to be “fair”, but they don’t have the patience, observation, or skill set to see the advantages of their side, so they can’t put in a ‘fair’ effort and complicate their own experience. That’s part of why matching complaints are rife with examples of one type of advantage stomping the other; it’s not that the option to win is ‘without a chance’ based on the match-up, but rather, people have convinced themselves that they game isn’t “fair” that they give up what ‘chance’ they may have had to win.

If people don’t learn to match their expectations with the opportunity before them, then they’re going to find all other aspects of their life just as frustrating. Some of that then happens in game as well where people claim that games must be ‘fun*’, and they then expect some exception to games magically fixing the problem they brought to it with bad expectation, poor performance, and an unwillingness to adapt accordingly.

* In a couple of topics I’ve tried pointing out games aren’t exclusively or forced to be ‘fun’ to still be a game. Game design puts about 8 or 9 qualities as the ‘aesthetics’ of games, so aside from ‘feeling’ fun, there’s 7 other things a game can do instead, but if people don’t know to expect that, they’re going to frustrate their experiences with any other ‘game’ they play.

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