QM mathc makeing system


QM match makeing system is really , really bad :S . Most games are lost even before they start because of bad match makeing system ( especially for qm ) . team compositions are ( in most cases ) very unbalanced . i think that it needs a really good rework :S because there is no fun in qm any more …


people have been complaining about this for a long time so what happens they balanced it out and what happens next the que times are longer so they fix that. now you want more (balanced) match making? go play unranked draft your self a team if your unhappy about QM or enjoy a longer wait time


Unless they increase the rewarding of playing tanks/healers in QM and decrease dps/specialist rewards, i don’t think so. Everyone wants to play dps/specialist and most of the time you have a bruiser but enemy team has an actual tank. Or enemy have 3 specialists and you don’t have any wave clear. Honestly it’s better to go Unranked, the wait times are shorter and you can draft based on the map. Honestly QM should queue, show the map first and give you 30 seconds to pick your hero. That might fix the problem.