Put burn notice in stimpack and people will actually use it

Put burn notice in stimpack and people will actually use it!!!

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But,please not low/bit amount burn damage,noticable is needed.

What is this? Raynor? Blaze?

I said it about blaze.

o, you want a stimpack that allows Blaze to slow enemies with his AA?
hmm, might be a bit strong. Why do you want this? And would you remove another stimpack for that? Would you add another level 20 talent?
It seems pretty good as a level 20 talent. It seems better than Fortified Bunker to me in most cases. I’m sure people use it.

I am thinking about adding a stimpack on his level20 tier.
I dont mention on Slow solo,slow+burn damage,with be combined with attack speed stimpack.

oooo you want to add it to Andrenalin StimPack…
Now we’re getting somewhere.
I agree that Andrenalin StimPack is lacking but maybe this would be a bit overkill. Maybe make it ignite his oil or increase the area effect of his melee as well. Or add a fraction of the slow. The stacking would actually go pretty well with the attack speed buff, so maybe something can be done there.

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Prubius pack,Mocky pack,go for it.