PTR ai bots + map specific items


AI teammates can barely grab map-specific items.

Volskaya: they will kill the support mercenary, and claim the point, but just leave the healing pulse behind. They’ll even go kill the merc again and leave 2 healing pulses laying on the ground.

Warhead Junction: it’s easy to get them to run into the nuke items and try to get in there, but just circle around. Especially if they already have some nukes, they’ll still try to bump into it and eventually huddle their whole team around it indefinitely.

In other news, AI Valeera likes to B step.


Can confirm the problem with the support mercenary.
The ai does not enter the Triglav Protector till a player enter it.
If the player does not enter it, they are just running back and forward until its gone or they get killed.


Murky also likes to B step. Just played a game as Orph, we had vikings so i pinged all other friendly AI to me. Leo kept walking to the keep and hearthing, Jaina and Auriel stayed by fort wall even though i was out in the middle of lane. Murk would try to cap boss and die trying to hearth in a pool of poison. Also saw them just walk up to the nukes and stare at them a few times, or try to capture a camp and just sit there taking shots and moving, not actually attacking. Don’t know what the “Improvements” were in the patch notes, but AI is just broken.


Ive had few times the AI actually takes the Protector but mostly dont. They attack boss for 2 seconds and run away but the enemy team just bum rushes camps and bosses. Lost 3 vs AI games where the enemy AI is attacking our core and ally AI are dancing around lanes… Even seen some hearth back just to run past the enemy AI and back into lanes. They ignore pickup and every now and then the obj


Hey Everyone,

Thanks, your continued reports are appreciated! We have issues tracked regarding the prioritization of Map Objectives and Mercenary/Boss Camps in a variety of situations. We hope to have them fixed as soon as we can. Please do keep reporting any new issues that arise!

Thank you,
~ Fizivix


The elite AI during my Volskaya match bugged at the turret merc camp. Fenix had a turret and after defeating camp got stuck picking up turret (and thus dropping his turret). Varian was there and stuttering back and forth to pick up the turret but fenix kept picking it up so varian just stepped back and forth. I watched for ~60 sec till i respawned and tried to take turret to fix the bot-loop.