Proposals to fix queue times


They should get rid of both. Then the players would smarten up and switch to the much more populated server that is the NA.


Nope. They should combine Taiwan, Korea, Singapore and Australia servers.


whatever they do, they better keep you guys off the NA servers because this is the one game where I don’t have to deal with the bullsh!t latency unlike starcraft 2 when you guys host a singapore game on NA servers. 300 ping sucks.


People from Singapore?


You know what…it’s easier to rank up in NA servers even with 300 pings…lol


Yea, because they are the majority of the playerbase. That’s real important there.


The SG server cater to the South East Asia population. It surely is an investment.

Thailand : 70m
Vietnam : 100m
Malaysia : 30m
Indonesia : 400m
Phillipines : 100m


All those countries and not even a big enough playerbase. That’s a failed investment. Yup, it derserve to be shut down.


Nope. They need to combine servers.

Taiwan server for Taiwan: 25m population
Korea server for Korea: 50m population
Australia server for Australia & New Zealand: 30m population.
Singapore server for South East Asia: 750m population.

There is just too many servers in the Asia region, particularly Australia when there is an english SG server.


For some reason which I don’t know, the Australia region actually has quite high ping 100-200 for Singaporeans


What use are those numbers if the player base from them are insignificant?

Except for Korea, even if you centralize all of them to a single server, I highly doubt that it would be anything meaningful. It would be way better to transfer all of them to the NA server.

The AU server are horrible. It’s like the government are purposefully restricting access to the game there. Or they are still in the dial up era. When I was staying in Singapore, I had way better ping connecting to the NA than AU.


I’m out if they remove QM. So you won’t be consolidating anything if there are others like me.

I like to play what I want, when I want, all the time.

Queues aren’t even an issue for me (NA).


Yeah me too, I know OP proposed that specifically for Singapore but even there he seems to be getting at it being a terrible idea.

It sounds like it’s the most popular mode even in his home region. OP I don’t think killing your most popular mode will be the silver bullet you think it is.


I didn’t say anything about the player base, sock sniffer. You asked a question and I answered it.


Oh my, aiming to become a comedian, aren’t you? A server is only as important as the number of people using them. In this case, the player base. And you completely ignored it. So, what’s your point again?


You’re the one being a comedian because I’m deriving a ton of entertainment value in watching you nurse that severe case of butthurt. I didn’t say ANYTHING about how “important” a server is, how importance may or may not be tied to the size of its playerbase, or anything else of the sort. You asked a stupid question and I gave you an answer that demonstrated its stupidity.

Then you babbled something about how they should shut the server down because maintaining it is a waste of money, like you know that for sure and aren’t just speculating. And before you start spouting off your real life credentials and how much you know about servers/costs/maintainence/the internet in general, don’t bother because you don’t work for Blizzard, you’re not on the dev team, you can’t speak intelligently about they run anything. You’re an assistant floor manager at Gander Mountain, go manage something.


I see, you’ve resorted to insult and personal attack. While mention absolutely nothing related to the topic at hand. Therefore, I would consider your post as gibberish and cast it to where it belong. The trash can.

So, what’s your point again?


I have made my point, you’re just hung up on the insults because you’re that one guy that posted the “boo hoo, I’m offended by player names” topic, so I just can’t help myself.


No, you haven’t. Not even a tiny bit.


Just came back to play a bit when I got SC remastered.

Why is Quick Match telling me 90 sec estimated times then I wait about 1200 sec. Stop telling me in seconds, tell me in minutes. It’s such a sleezy tactic to make it harder to tell how long I’ve been waiting. 20 minutes. in QUICK match. That’s how long I waited.

In what world is Quick Match “blazingly fast”?

Bought D.Va, tried to play her in a new Quick Match game, waited 900 sec (15 min), gave up, went and played Heroes of Newerth. That game’s been “dead” for ages, still more fun than this one.