Probius, looking for other probius mains and or anything related to this Hero

I am new to the HOTS forums so hello. I just recently commented on a dated post about Probius Mains. And well, to coincide with the comments I should just make my own “current thread”.
Probius. He’s my favorite hero and I enjoy the challenge of playing him. In the next coming day or two I will divulge my opinions/experience on him without any real perimeters. Feel free to ask any questions along the way. Also, thanks for the hero’s profile site. I found myself last season on the boards and appreciate the comment random guy saying, no one plays probius. Haha it got me to check it out.

What is the best general build for probius in ranked and why?

Does probius work better in a team of protoss or not?

Ohh boy what a loaded question. Get ready for a long winded Gandalf response…

While we could delve into specifics with comps and maps the main determining factor is personal play style. In addition the term “ranked” is well separated into 7 levels of play underneath that umbrella term. Respectfully at each level the coordination and awareness of teammates vary, thus changes potential talent choices.
Next factor is familiarity or experience with Probius.
Have you ever played him?
*I absolutely do not recommend anyone to try a (hard difficulty) hero in ranked without playing against AI/QM/try out in collection tab.
Truthfully Probius difficulty setting should be set to very hard/elite these days lol.

Alright, now that stuff is out of the way. Ranked play (tier unknown)
Level 1
Go with warp resonance (w)
An extra warp rift allows way more Aoe damage, zoning potential, unparalleled wave clear, quick camps, and my personal favorite (death traps). The satisfaction of setting up 3 warps in a set of bushes with pylons near by for ults and a cannon at the ready to be dropped. Oh boy the goosebumps haha. Let’s stop there but the possibilities go on.
Level 4
Turbo charged 90% of the time
Photon barrier when facing against an extremely good mage (Ktz,kt,li ming)
The added mobility will save your life more often than not. Unless you are facing a well known orb li ming, a skilled kt, or not confident in Dodging ktz abilities. Go with the +40 spell armor With a turret active. Otherwise you will be subject to instant death lol.
Level 7
Highly dependent on comp, however…
Tower defense is safer option and opens the door for more sustained damage. I’d recommend this talent for all levels of play And especially with solo probes.
Level 10
Pylon overcharge
This choice can be debatable but unless you have a mastery of the character, great comp, and team cohesion. Don’t bother with other choice.
Level 13
(Insert Kung Fu panda quote. -there is no secret ingredient)
Depends on team competency and knowledge of Probius.
With a greymane/Sonya that understands probius as an ally. 35% increase in their attack power is whoa, we just blew up that objective.
Safer option is power overflowing due to innate proximity to back line.
When facing a decent poison class. Or maybe D.O.T class is more correct… The shielding option provides some security for the team.
Level 16
Quantum Entanglement
Level 20
Depends on comp.
Construct additional pylons for heavy siege maps (volskya) where you can have time to set up all 3 pylons.
Shoot em-up is extremely strong. If you have a decent cc going with your team. You will obliterate anyone.

Unfortunately I Have run out of time for now. But hopefully this limited guide can help! I will be going into more depth in the next day or so. Good luck!!