Pre-rework Gazlow was better

Yea, I said it. It needed to be said. If you think otherwise, you’re wrong.


I liked the pre, pre rework Gaz the most, the 2016 edition? I played a ton of Gaz from launch but never really like the first major rework. This happens with some heroes, the flavor you liked about them can be lost in the rework. Just ask sweet Dr. Logan.


same. i like pve specialist gazlowe

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Well I hated the first iteration of Robogoblin. Idiot Gazlowes who ONLY did PVE were so annoying as teammates. But in general, what I loved about old Gaz was his unique play style of like a pseudo mage that has zone control with a super interesting scrap mechanic (the new version is so lame). Yes, he could do PVE, but he was actually decent in fights too.

What’s so frustrating is they could have made him more bruiser like as a CHOICE just by adding more talents without taking away the old play style. Instead, they forced a rework, it was undertuned, and they made him super OP, slightly nerfed him, but not nearly enough and just left him there for months.


Let’s put it like this. Old Gaz was like goat cheese: stinky and something only a select few could enjoy. And mostly about the cheese. New Gaz is more like delicious milk chocolate: palatable to a far broader audience but not something you could call imaginative with a straight face.


Seems like someone got his butt kicked by Gazlowe and now he is pissed? New Gazlowe works more fluent than the old one. He is better in almost anything, except that his turret are weaker now.


No, he wasn’t.

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I’d be lying if I said I don’t miss Turret City (though I do like that you get Firin Meh Lazors at 16 now). And I think the new visuals on him, while less noisy, looks really lame and unsatisfying.

Interesting use of the word :slight_smile:

At least with Tassadar, they took a generic support and made a somewhat interesting mage. With Gazlowe, they took a weird hard-to-define character and made the most vanilla bruiser possible.

I really miss the old Gazlowe.

Care to explain why ?
I would also bet people would say Chen pre rework was better then he is now.
He was just a giant stun machine with infinity turrents. And most Gaz players was just abusing him to afk in one lane forever while doing nothing with his team.
Just pick Robo ult and go full afk in your lanes forever and ignore your team while thy lose everything.


He’s certainly a solid bruiser, but I do agree that he lost some of quirks. Pre-rework Gazlow that focused on macro and lane pushing was pretty cool.

How do you define “the most vanilla bruiser”?

Funnily enough, old Tass had a reputation of being one of the most useless heroes for some reason, which I found odd since if you knew how to press E you were practically impossible to kill. Granted, he was maybe a bit too good at enabling hypercarries and some other stuff but it’s still a bit contested if the rework did him any favors. While Gaz does pretty much everything the same as before, only more fluid, Tass is now a completely different beast.

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I wonder, which hero was hated the most old Tass or old D.Va. I still have the one game in memorys, where our tank refused to play, because he considered me a troll, because I picked D.Va…

Well since english isn’t my native language, but german I tend use “fluent” over “fluid”, even though the meaning is the same, which describe something with no clear borders.

‘needing’ something to be said generally involves actually having something of merit to post with it.

  • what makes him better
  • or what makes the current worse
  • are their consequences of being ‘wrong’?
  • is this just errant fluff for people that like to pretend they’re ‘right’ without anything to show for it?

just posting an opinion is pretty much ‘trolling’ because any sort of reply is going to show more effort than the OP, and if people are scared of effort, then of course they only care if something is right/wrong by declaration, and little else to go with it.

So yea, this is all just a “long” way of saying ‘No u’, but it at least tries to convey why two-word replies are are still effectively worthless.

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Tassadar was hardly a generic support. I mean what even is a generic support when there were like 5 of them. If anything, he’s more a generic mage now.

I mean he was OP for awhile and still would be if it weren’t for the fact that there are also a few contenders for other OP heroes. I always find this a weird argument about OP heroes. It works for niche and underpowered heroes, but for overtuned and popular heroes, it’s like, yeah?

Is it really that delicious? It’s more accessible I’ll give you that, but some of that is due to Blizzard spiking it with more sugar than other heroes to prop up their rework. But it’s also like, in a game with 90 heroes, with so much chocolate already, did we really need another flavor?

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Regardless of what your opinions might be, you can’t argue that the latest rework aren’t successful and although all of these heroes appear to be slightly overpowered, their pick rates wouldn’t plummet to nowhere close to previous levels if a nerf were to happen.

Many more heroes would be drastically more fun to play only with revisions to spell costs or in case of Illidan - if talent tiers got swapped out. Notable mentions are those such as Greymane who have their quest at level 7 (cocktail), which can either get completed by level 10 or not until level 20. Would be much more fun if similar concerns received more attention. Why isn’t this a level 1 choice.

Should mention KTZ as well, how fun would it be if his spell power scaled in linear fashion with his quest progression, or at least have more checkpoints, even if that meant losing something like 4-5 stacks on death before full completion, similar like Hanzo’s auto attack quest. You might think he would become overpowered, but I’d respond with NO - other heroes such as Kharazim and Leoric (cleanse/immunity) would get more attention and play time, just as how everyone started complaining that Varian is too strong after Tracer rework.

It’s a constantly evolving game (dead game joke) and there is nothing wrong with a meaningful rock-paper-scissors balance philosophy as long as some form of counter play exists.

I’ll admit Genji dashing into a minion wave or towers to deal 30% of your health pool is still completely idiotic because the outcome is mostly out of your control since AI can’t hold fire.

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The only reason old Tassadar was at all interesting was because he sucked. If he was powerful, he would’ve been the most boring hero in the game.

What are you talking about? We’re don’t talk about balance here, but just about the hero design old vs new. OP said for himself he likes old Gazlowe more than the new one. Just a subjective matter, nothing to argue with.