Pokemon unite vs hots

How long til this game is doing better than heroes? It already plays about the same. With a little attention i give it til this year before its doing better.

It’s different enough that I don’t think anyone will be pressured to play one over the other.
The only similarities I see are:

  1. Pings are ignored.
  2. Shorter than most MobAs

Can’t say I’m a fan of the game pairing players who have not yet unlocked items with those who have though. Not generally a fan of items either. Teleport will be a must have.


I’m interested because Pokémon and the Evolve mechanic is fun, but the gameplay looked really boring.

My queue time in Hots is so long now. I suspect it’s because of that game.
It will be even worse when PoE will start their new season today.

This Pokémon game doesn’t reach me at all.
10 min snowball fest, seems rather imbalanced and extremly repetitive, available on Switch for now, Mobile later, it seems laggy.

Hots is still the best moba out there for my taste.


if its on pc and makes a viking like character ill probably swap over and try it out

People can’t play both?


Usually not… at the same time. Like exact time period :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It is. And I can’t figure out why since much more demanding games don’t. The stage isn’t that big.

Nintendo games in my experience very typically have lag problems whenever online multiplayer is involved.


Never had lag in Mario Kart. And that game is much older. I can’t remember lagging in the first splatoon either.

Hmm, maybe it depends on the game then. I play online in Smash Bros or Mario Maker with other people and if someone I’m matched with has a bad connection everyone else experiences it.

So far though I haven’t had good experiences with any.

Pay-to-win, disgusting.


Thanks for the video. I was sort of excited for this game, but that completely kills it as a competitive esport of any kind.

Paying to upgrade items is disgusting. Upgrades should be cosmetics only.

Imagine if you could pay to get stronger talents in HotS. The game would be abandoned.


Game has already been abandoned

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I mean by players, not developers. And I wouldn’t say HotS is abandoned by devs yet, as proven by the last patch. Less attention and corporate resources than before? Sure.

If you could spend money on HotS to deal more damage or make your heroics double as effective etc., the game would be a joke.


without players, game wont exist :wink:

Game is already a joke due to terrible matching and ignoring the toxic player base.

That game will only benefit whales with big wallets then. Sounds like the game will die out faster then it came out lol.


Unite is a mobile moba at heart so it won’t feel as good as PC deticated moba’s like HOTS. Pokemon unite is a very basic moba but i still have fun with it. HOTS is better but Blizzard clearly doesn’t care about this game at all. I am willing to bet that we were only getting new heroes after the game went in “maintenance mode” because they planned on those heroes releasing before it happened. But once those heroes are released i doubt we will see any new heroes. But this game has to be making some sort of profit for Blizzard currently but without new content people will stop playing and Blizzard will pull the plug.

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Both mobas are doomed but people keep telling me I’m wrong because Pokémon has a huge fan following so it’ll always have a small playerbase that will stick with it…

They also get mad when I say there’s no room for more mobas because apparently there’s always room for more mobas and it’s ignorant to think LoL and dota are enough to fill all the mobas we need

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