Please wait, play mode disabled, no Heroes, no Store

Hi, I just reinstalled Heroes after about half year. I installed Bnet and Heroes without problem but when I go into Heroes I get the Please Wait issue (no heroes no Store, cant see profile). The only thing that works are General chat and Tutorial/Challenges.

Some things I already tried

  • Waiting (already waited 3 hours yesterday)
  • Deleting and Blizzard folder in ProgramData
  • Defaulting DNS
  • Using VPN
  • Fully reinstall the game again
  • Change game server
  • Pausing firewall on ESET

All above didn’t work, please help. I also plays game on Steam, Epic, and Uplay but didn’t encounter any issues with games there.

aww man I’m having the same difficulty right now a few days ago I can play without that much issue then the next day BOOM ! that problem came :frowning:
so far I just can hope for new patch up hope it will fix and if it won’t, damn guess I have to leave HOTS forever or wait until I got a better Laptop to try again

Hey there,

Would it be possible to temporarily uninstall ESET rather than just disabling it? Most security programs will be running even while disabled, which can cause weird software interactions in some cases. Rest assured this would only be a temporary test measure.

Let us know how things go!

Hi, I just uninstalled ESET just now, and it didn’t work. Still empty.

Hmm, so I am not the only one having this issue. I am from Indonesia, is it possible that my ISP blocked some game package? Or other reason?

Last time I had this issue was a year ago. I just left it for few days, then when new game update show up I downloaded the patch and the game works again.

Thanks for replying.

saya juga dari Jogjakarta. dan sudah 4 hari kasus sama seperti yang saber alami. tapi yah HOTS emang bikin masalah terus, dah lakuin semua solusi tidak ada hasil. harapan tinggal tunggu update. starcraft II juga alami hal yang sama, Diablo III juga, HS juga. so its time to move on

Salam, solusinya mudah: dah saya coba. kalau menggunakan wired kabel, coba ganti dengan wifi menggunakan handphone ( mobile hotspot). koneksikan dengan handphone tsb dan log in ke gamenya. good luck

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Hey there,

Possibly but that’s not something we would be able to verify. One way to test this would be using a VPN if they are allowed in that area. Some countries will have restrictions on their usage so please verify before attempting anything like that.

The VPN will test much more than just ISP blocking since it also changes your “routing” to our servers. Very effective test. Basically if it works it does typically mean the root issue is ISP or Modem/Router settings related.