Please fix TLV charge pls

Everytime I take a small break from vikings, I always have 1 major problem, olaf charge, its a plague, there are 3 requirements for olaf charge to work, you have to be in range, you can’t be too close to the target and it has to be off cooldown, now the main issue is, no where on the screen does it say which one is the problem and also you have no idea when taking fights if you have charge off cd which for those of you not aware what charge does, at 16 its essentially a point and click stun.

Honesty just put charges cooldown on the screen and when charge fails due to range issues put 2 circles on the screen to show where you can actually charge thats all it really needs.


I think it would be much better if they just put it on the D button or as a 5th active to toggle or activate