PLEASE ban Hammer in single lane brawls


Thread should be: Bring back Chromie to counter Hammer


Chromie was banned mainly because of her infinity quest. Now she lost that, some range on her spells and W is now revealed. I don’t get why she hasn’t been put back in brawl…

Plenty of other heroes are pretty sick in brawl if you know how to play them. Can really dominate with KTZ, hanzo or others. And plenty other heroes has infinity quest. Zuljin against 2 tanks in brawl gets really ridiculous.


Chromie really should be back for ARAM. Before, her infinite stacking Q really made her nuts in single lane. Without that and how Dragon’s breath also shows earlier I don’t see why she can’t be available for ARAM again.

Hammer is kinda broken in ARAM. Her siege damage and splash are nuts. The BFG gives her a ridiculous damage in solo lane too. I’m not sure she needs to be banned from ARAM but I am curious about her winrate in the brawl now.


Yeah, pls take her out of the selection from single lane brawls. +1


Once people take Hammer out of ARAM, people will start to complain about Kael’thas.

Once he goes out, they will complain about Zul’jin.

Once he goes out, people will complain about Zagara having global with worm.

And on and on and on, the cycle repeats itself.

Maybe ARAM isn’t meant to be balanced, maybe Brawls are just simply a gamble.


Oddly i have no problem with Kael in ARAM, only Hammer. They could at least bring Chromie back as a counter, she was banned before her rework.


Point being, these threads are completely stupid, ARAM was never balanced to begin with, these threads will never go anywhere and it will just make the mode itself stale, once these heroes get removed other heroes will be considered overpowered to the point we will end with a bunch of lost vikings taking all three options where you can pick between Erik, Olfa and Baleog.

that doesn’t sound bad, a unique TLV brawl lol


Junkrat hammer and alarak are just stupidly overpowered in brawls


i dont see the point in banning either of them.

i just put the hurtin on a hammer with orphea.


Except people were complaining about Chromie anyways in ARAM, and probably still will, since she still is one of the heroes that have a better advantage in ARAM due to the nature of skillshots and only having one lane. She may not have the infinite stacking but they buffed her damage more than enough to easily chunk heroes down in a mid-lane brawl.


please blizzard make ARAM permanent mode so all can play more entertaining brawls and not this…


Jokes on chromie since she’s not top tier anymore

Also TLV of all heroes appears as an option in aram as well. Why? WHY?


i nuke ppl all the time with chromie.


Back when hammer’s BFG could damage core I was shocked to see she was allowed at all once brawls where heroes can get up to core started up xD if anything I thought that chromie should be allowed if hammer was allowed! It’s only fair! Side note they should just let Abby in those one lane brawls too if tlv and murky can be picked :stuck_out_tongue:


1 - Make ARAM a real mode
2 - Put a draft mode with ban
3- ???
4- Profit


How about no one gets banned? Its a slippery slope to start banning individual heroes outright. I can think of many heroes that get a huge advantage playing a single lane, but i would never want them banned.


We could just remove hammer from the game completely. I’d be cool with that.

Is that too far?




But no


single lane brawls I don’t worry about Hammer as much as KT. If a good KT sits back and spams his q or w lol its just a long friggin loss normally.