Players DDOSing in matches



I have been trying to contact support regarding players DDoSing others. I have a replay I just renamed as “Suspicious DDOS” on 5/15/2019 in Infernal Shrines and I would like a GM to review the replay. All of the other teammates left the game around the same time. I have had this happen in the past where I lost internet; but my internet did not go down, until the game ended. My internet was up but I could no longer connect to or web pages but my internet was not down, only for the duration of the match.

This has also happen multiple times in StarCraft 2. I would be playing a match and then I would lose connection until I was booted. I run Netflix on my TV and that would also go down during my loss of connection until I was booted from the game. Players are DDOSing eachother, it doesn’t seem as a regular occurrence but it appears to be a problem. It seems players are sniffing IP addresses through and then DDOSing those IPs.

Thank you