Player AFK (Name: MS1908), refund rank points?


Because of this player, MS1908 , who decided to go AFK from the start of the match, we lost it. He played Li Li, or, let’s say the AI played Li Li. Of course we lost the match and everyone lost ranking points.
I want everyone to know to avoid this player: MS1908

PS: is there a chance to open a ticket and refund all the points to all the members who participated?


Will not happen and youre at a risk of penalty for naming him here.

Report ingame and move on is all we got.


total unresponsive report system, you can’t tell if it was useful at all.
And ofc, in the same game sesion, you will most likely find that trash person again, in yours or enemy team, screwing everyone’s experience in the game.

Meanwhile, you get ppl who are actually trying to play reported for being “toxic” and banned for 7 days from leage :).



Yeah… The true problems which need to be solved are always avoided. I find it really unpleasant if someone leaves just like that. This AFK Systems needs an overhaul. It quite easy to ban someone, rather than implement some features which really matter :)))


Hots needs arbitrators, with penalty giver.