Placement games

Placement games are a waste of time. I can get mvp in all 3 matches and lead in both damage and siege and possibly xp and still will get ranked in the exact same place I left off last season. If placement games dont do anything please just take them out. I would rather start this season knowing where I am going to be than have a slight hope for better placement when I play 3 excellent games. Just broken system. Im done with this game, it should have died long ago but every season I expect things that are broken to eventually get fixed. Another wasted season that I think I will skip. Good luck to the rest of you getting our of your rank as a solo play.


your placements start where your last season ended. win all 3 and you will see extra points. are you expecting to jump 3 divisions just because you played well for 3 games? how is that fair? if you belong higher it’s trivial to rank up. maybe blizz should place us all in grandmasters, judging by the posts it seems that’s where everyone belongs.
perhaps go see a game where GMs or masters play, there are 100 parsecs of skill divide between what those guys are demonstrating and an average bronze player. (i assume you’re bronze/low silver) going off the obliviousness of your post).

How is it possible that there are more potatoes than ever?!?!?!

Takes one to know one.

Do you understand what the word placement means? Have you heard of placement exams? They are used to assess your present level of knowledge in the field. Lol how are these placement matches when you already know where you are going to be placed? Also you want to discuss fair? Explain to me how if a teammate throws a game and I lose because of it , this affects my ranking. Fairness is ranking individuals on an individual performance. Do you disagree with that as well? Covid-19 is not the worst pandemic today, stupidity is and you my friend are patient zero.

All 3 of my placement games I was matched against 3 or 5 man premades. I finished last season mid diamond four and cause i lost all of my placement games i am 1 loss away from plat 1. This game is so screwed up matching premades vs all randoms. You cant carry it.

agreed it is a mess.

if you wanted to be ranked on an individual performance go play counter strike or something. *i see your point but it’s moot because this is a team based game. I had many games where one player was of significantly lesser skill than the other 4. Many times i felt my team mates were a lot better than me. bad game, bad draft, who knows? i agree that blizz could do better in match making but what? no matter what they do, qmers and lower ranks will find a bone to pick. I’m ‘perma stuck’ in diamond for a year now so what, it’s obviously me and me only, i’m missing something and until i figure that out i won’t advance. i was one game away from masters 2 seasons ago and then i lost like 10 in a row. $hit happens, you get on a tilt coaster. my biggest issue is counter drafting.
on the other hand, i have/had(been a while since i played on those) some accounts in silver and gold and games are trivial, easy, in comparison. i literally shut my brain off and enjoy the ebb and flow exploiting mistakes. for mid master and higher,diamond is a less retarded bronze and they get visibly upset when matched with diamonds. who can blame them? anyway, take care. i could write a book but majority of players are so obsessed with rank that they are missing forest for the trees, myself included.

also, to add something interesting. a while back i played with a few legitimate gm smurfs on my main account which was and still is floating in diamond. difference between their skill and mine was such that i felt i was playing in slow mo while those guys were seemingly everywhere, punishing every mistake on the enemy team, timing everything impeccably and so on and so on. there is such a high skill ceiling in this game that it really humbled me and made me understand ranks aren’t pointless and that we all are, truly, where we belong as a reflection of our skill.

i always win 2 out of three of the games and i end up lower than last season placement is worthless

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It makes no sense. I have had seasons where I have won all 3 and i was a lower rank than i finished. Ive lost 2 of the 3 and ended up teh same rank and the whole system makes 0 sense.

i have never one all 3, but always start off lower. i liked it way better when it was ten matches. also liked ranked better when it was 1-50.

Yep I do Agree , useless.

I think you’re missing the point of placement matches. They arent meant to completely change your rank. They are meant to slightly modify it. People would get so mad if they climbed from gold to plat and lose it all because someone afk’d in their placements. I think slow and steady is the best way to find if you have sufficient skill. Cream always float to the top.

So then tell me when you win all 3 of your games and you place lower than what you finished last season, What does that mean?

it means you ended up higher than the game’s MMR expected you to. Either you improved drastically, had a big winstreak or played with people who boosted you.

Lets say you’re plat 5 at the start of the season. After 200 games where you stable at plat 5 level, you started one tricking TLV and won 95% of your games until you were diamond 5 (25-ish games). The game’s MMR takes a while to adjust to your new reality. You were stable at plat 5 for a long time so the system is unsure if you should be at diamond 5. Basically, you climbed faster than your MMR. Your MMR would be at plat 3 even if your rank was at diamond 5. So when the ranks resets at the start of the season, it puts you back to where your MMR was.