Personal rank adjustment every game

52% win rate, get a -11 personal rank adjustment after every single game (win or lose). Why? Its seriously screwing up my ability to rank up.

PRA serves to bring your MMR and your league rank together. If (for whatever reason) you end up in gold with silver MMR, the system has two options.

1: Match you against gold players, causing you to lose more than you win, until you drop down to silver (where you belong according to MMR).
2: Match you against silver players, giving you fair matches but leaving you in gold league, despite you not belonging there (according to your MMR).

Since the first option doesnt provide fair matches, blizzard didnt go with this option. Instead they went with the second option but with a twist. You get to play against opponents of similar MMR but you will get a personal adjustment that will nudge you towards silver (or wherever you should be based on MMR).

If you want to get rid of the PRA, you will need to convince the system that you are better by winning enough to raise your MMR back to your current league rank.

I understand that this isnt fun, so i hope that visible MMR will get implemented soon. That way you can see where the game thinks you belong without some hidden algorithm pushing you down behind the scenes.

Its already shown every start of the season.

As they reduced the MMR uncertainty at placements as well.

Your rank after your placements is the most accurate of your hidden MMR as the system places your rank to where your MMR is at that moment.

After placements there arent many diamond MMR people in gold, with the exeption of smurfs because the seed limitation.

Also if you saw the number of 2184 would it tell you anything about where you belong on the ladder unless they release a chart of like

“2000-2300 is gold”

My freind has 105 ranked games played with 62% winrate. Still gets -7 to -9 PRA. So after over 100 ranked games the sysgem is still unsureof where he is and ia trying to drop him lower dispite him winning 62%???

Should it nit be positive PRA at this point? clearly proven he doesnt belong where he is. (He placed Bronze 2 and is now Silver 2)

You have to understand that when they mean “certain” they mean where they initially placed you. The “certainty” completely ruins the matchmaking system; it makes it insanely difficult to progress; where you see “progression”, you’re usually seeing some master/gm player who did a quick de-rank (which isn’t enough to touch their mmr certainty value, and thus allows them to go “bronze-to-GM” quickly, thus “proving” “anyone can go from bronze to masters ugais!”), or someone doing a re-roll, or a very new player who lucks out.

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So we go through placements, which are designed to place you at your correct rank (or get you as close as possible). So why after winning > 50% would the game think a -11 rank adjustment is necessary? For me it always starts off with -1 or -2 PRA and climbs up ridiculously throughout season, but i always have a > 50% win rate…makes no sense to me.

I really wish the game would just remove PRA and let my wins and losses determine my rank - use the hidden MMR for match making but don’t steal points from my only visible rank.

PRA is a useless joke. My rank IS being adjusted by winning/losing. Why would it push me towards an invisible goal? >50% winrate in this rank should be proof enough that you don’t need to be lower IMO. Let me be the deciding factors if i rank up or rank down, my individual performance makes me win or lose games.



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When they added the rank system, they said that they intentionally made ranks to move faster than MMR - MMR has to change slowly, because that’s just the only way for it to be accurate (people don’t just become good overnight, but their performance does vary a lot day-to-day, but they should not jump too much in game quality because of that). I think their reasoning was that gaining ranks faster was supposed to feel better (well losing faster too though). I think they did not take into account what psychological effect the other side of this balance - PRA would do. It seems to me that people DO feel good about gaining too high ranks too fast, but the negative PRA just keeps nagging at them and takes all the fun away and then some more.
The fact is though, you can’t have ranks moving faster and not have a mechanism to keep them in check (which PRA is) or otherwise rank would be completely meaningless and you would have grandmaster rank people playing in bronze MMR games (or vice versa).
As it is now, it is quite unlikely to stray more than 1 league from your mmr (which results in ~±30 PRA). The max I’ve seen was just a little below -40 on my bronze to diamond smurf somewhere at end of gold (the season ended though, so I got placed straight into high plat next season and PRA was 0 again).
The sooner they get rid of the rank system, the better for everyone - at least it will be obvious how things work at first glance. Directly showing MMR is the way to go (and certain MMR ranges can then be assigned to some ranks without an added overlay system). I wonder though if this being last on the list means we’re getting it only winter 2019…
For now, just do it like everyone does - keep tabs of your true, mmr based, rank and ignore the one you see on screen (that is, subtract ranks, if you’re getting -PRA at roughly -1 rank for -5 PRA and add ranks for any +PRA (that’s just a rough rule of thumb that seems to be accurate enough (e.g., gold1 -20PRA = gold5)).

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Do people actually do this?

Blizzard does not know anything about how to fix there ranking system. There is no logic to it.

Or only play with a 5 man of friends and rank up; ITs broken and not really worth playing solo imo

I get 4 potatoes every game, which is worse…

PRA is long gone. That was a post from over 2 years ago. You don’t need to estimate your true mmr anymore as the rank directly represents it without deviations.

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Oh yeah cause all these players who engage 1v5 are diamond. Or the ones who claim its not there job to soak as a solo lane hero like sonya. Yup the MMR sure is great.