Periodical game freezes


About 4 months i have problem with ~ 0.5sec freezes during game. I dont remember from what patch it starts. Only old Nvidia drivers helps (388).
WinMRT shows what it’s not a network problem. Re-installed the game twice.
Any idea how to solve this problem ?
PC: Amd fx-6300, Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3 rev 3.0 bios FB, 8gb ram, Geforce 1060 6gb, ssd, win10.


Are you using a western digital mechanical drive? Some generations of them have unnecessarily aggressive head parking as a “energy saving” feature. The head will literally park after a few seconds of no IO occurring with the drive, and then takes around 0.5 to 1 second to unpark when IO is needed. This could cause the game to have 0.5 second resource stalls which would explain the symptoms.

Also make sure your system has enough free memory. WIth a few Chrome or FireFox browser windows open while running HotS it is possible to run out of free memory resulting in much slower page file having to be used.


Using SSD samsung EVO 850 512gb
Memory is enough. Even on low settings same freezes.


Are you sure it is not network related? Periodic stutter is very symptomatic of unreliable communication with the Blizzard HotS server.

Try running the tests when the problem is occurring. One needs a 0% packet loss and reliable sub 100ms ping for a good play experience.


Hey, Trololo!

While this may not be related to your issue, we have seen FX Gigabyte chipsets run into system wide performance issues after a recent Windows 10 update. It is recommend to update to the newest BIOS available as that resolve performance and system issues. Please let us know if it helps at all.


It’s Ok with new win10 update.