Overwatch Ruined This Game

Overwatch heroes have -NO- place in this game.
I am sure you have a timelog of players. Take a quick peek at the month Tracer joined. That’s when a large majority of my HotS friends lost interest.


Im not going to defend release tracer but why are we complaining about this now? Current tracer is fine and imo balanced.


Aw man, not this again. I thought we were done with that.

This is entirely based on personal preference.

Assuming you’re telling the truth, your friends do not represent an accurate sample size. None of my friends left when Tracer joined.

OW heroes have a place in this game because they are in this game. They are not going to un-release any heroes. So this is quite pointless I assure you.


It’s more the design of the heroes in the game style. Heroes should not be able to move and attack or have ridiculous mobility and deflect like Genji.


Why should they not be able to move and attack? Also what rank are you? Not being a jerk just want to know bc that will change this discussion.


Diamond. But I am commenting on more a QM and brawl perspective.


Why does it matter that its an overwatch hero? A wow monk or a sc2 reaper could have easily been just as mobile.


Nah, if anything ruined this game, it’s J Allen Brack’s announcement in December 2018 and their dumb diablo cellphone game.


Respectfully, I quite disagree with arguments that go along the lines of “this hero has no place in this game because their design has no place in a MOBA”

I really find arguments like that quite asinine since isn’t the point of creating different heroes is to make them individually distinct? What’s the point of introducing 3 heroes in a row with the same spells reskinned. Also, although there are certainly limitations to how a MOBA character may be created, the designs of Tracer and Genji and even Zeratul is far from “should never be in a MOBA game”.

In fact, I would even point out that this isn’t your conventional MOBA, imo HotS has always strived to introduce unique hero concepts like Cho’Gall, Abathur, Murky, TLV, and Rexxar. So imho, a hero with hyper mobility isn’t really a design problem when you have heroes with three bodies or 5 second death timers.

As for balance, I can’t really say much, but as others have pointed out, they’re already quite balanced and counterable. They’re not impossible to kill. Also, the only OW heroes that I can think of that can shoot while moving is Tracer, D.Va and Lucio, others like Zarya, Ana, Genji, Junkrat, and Hanzo has to stutter step like every other hero


Irony: Release Tracer had way less health and damage, and no utility.


Why not? Is there a rule book?


Overwatch heroes has a place in this game, just like every single Blizzard Game, you just don’t like Overwatch in general, if you don’t like them, don’t use them. That’s easy to do.


back to the Overwatch hate train… why do people decide to complain about things after a couple of years of them happening? as if that’ll change anything? you know it won’t then why do it?


New players as well as incompetent players have ruined this game. Why can’t i join a single QM with people who know what they are doing? Why do i hit a 3 level gap within the first 5 mins of the game? Why am i taking on 2-3 people by myself on top lane while who knows what everyone else is doing.

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Overwatch heroes are the equivalent of Fire emblem characters in Smash. Complains are mostly pure salt.

Hector for smash

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Don’t blame Brack for that
There’s a reason he quit that year

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I forgot overwatch 2 is going to be released soon

Well he didn’t have deflect, but Tychus was always able to move and attack and was more problematic than he is now as most of his power was in his Q before his mini gun rework. The also had a dash on E, back then he felt quite hybermoble.

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Please, everytime they start this topic again, i want to sing “Creeper Aw Man” because that’s how annoying those people are to me. No offense, just please, find a way how to enjoy the game in its current state.

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yeah they did ruin the game, but its too late now, no going back.

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