Orc Warrior Melee Assassin: If You Had to Choose

Grom Hellscream or Varok Saurfang?

I’d love to see either of them added as a Melee Assassin (in the same vein as The Butcher). More recently, I think I would favor Saurfang-- his BfA character design/armor is pretty epic. The Grommash who appeared in WoD kind of left people with mixed feelings, and I always preferred WC3 Grom.

If it came down to one of these warriors being added to HotS, I think Grom would be chosen. But, it would be a shame if we never saw Saurfang. Perhaps his appearance could be added as a skin or something.


Grom and Garona! We need some female orcs except Johanna :wink:

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Definitely Grom. Saurfang is not the same type of Grom’s agile and wild fighting style. He is soldier type warrior, smth like Garrosh while Grom is a wild berserker. People want Grom badly.


Grom but MU one, not annoying WoD one. Saurfang is skin material, not hero tbh. We had enough of WoW stuff. Need some Warcraft origins. Plus Grom is one of the most requested heroes since beta stage.


If we had the opportunity to see Saurfang, he would fit a calculated and intelligent tank or bruiser instead of a melee assassin. He lived through many battles and had a great amount of war wisdom to him, making him incredibly skilled. It would be a disservice to slap him into a melee assassin role, which Grom just fits better.

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Grommash should be a bruiser, cause Samuro is an Orc melee assassin already.

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I really like the Garona suggestion.

Two words:

Kargath. Bladefist.

That is all.


Which one, the WoD version or the one from BC? I liked the BC one, but I can’t say much for the WoD one. He was one of the first Warlords to die. The only well-written Warlord was Gul’dan, in my opinion.

Either way, it would play differently than Samuro. I think if they applied The Butcher’s playstyle to a Grom, it would be perfect. Grom was at the height of his power, in WC3, after having consumed Mannoroth’s blood — he was sort of unstoppable. “Blood of Mannoroth”/“Blood Curse” would make for a great Ultimate for Grom, if he were ever added. They should seriously base him off the WC3 character and not that lame guy from WoD.

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I think Grommash would fit a Melee Assassin better. Saurfang can fill the role of a Tank instead (or if the dev wants to go crazy, a Tank-Support hybrid that specializes on boosting the Morale of those around him)


Either/or, really. Though I’d prefer his WoD/Original appearance as his base and give him a Fel Orc skin.

I envision his kit would involve a blend of WoW warrior and rogue abilities utilizing both his signature Bladefist to deal damage. As Chieftan of sadistic the Shattered Hand, he revels and draws strength from pain, whether inflicted upon his enemies or himself. So naturally he’d have a trait in which his damage is increased when he’s damaged as well as an activatable component of it that allows him to sacrifice a small portion of his health to gain armor and bonus benefits from his trait.

He’d play like Zul’jin in a sense except that he’d have a more constant way to keep himself alive as he is both a melee hero and has a higher damage intake due to the nature of his trait.

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I want both Grom and Saurfang but at first Grom,and also a Arms warrior from wow will be cool.

Hey,how are you.how is it going?:smiley:


Broxigar. At least he has some unique qualities

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Broxigar is the worst Orc character ever made. Knaakmania product. No thx. He can be skin tho.


Support Tank would be cool.
Like with actual CC and damage prevention for his team. So far we have Zarya and Tyreal which both qualify as Supports as they can both shield and speed boost allies. But neither of them are tanks since they can’t peel divers off of anyone.

A character that specialized in both Tanking and Supporting could be interesting.

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Exactly. No Broxigar or any other Orc before Grom please. Hellscream fans suffered enough.


My Favourite

Blackhand The Destroyer

Kargath Bladefist

Kilrogg Deadeye

Grom Hellscream





Orgrim Doomhammer

I love Orcs


I have an idea for a Ner’zhul map concept actually. It’s the 3rd idea of mine. ;D
The first two are a Dragon Aspects map and a Starcraft map.
It’s on here.


Good Idea my friend, but would like Ner’zhul as Hero instead of map have.

For Grom, you could have a passive Heroic Talent path where it’s Pure/cleanse vs Chaos, basically Glass Cannon vs tankier.

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