Okay, Tassadar’s rework came out, what’s with Dva’s rework?

Half year ago I heard that her rework was in solid state. Well, that’s was a half year ago! Has it been canceled? If so, why wasn’t it announced openly?

It takes time to add Mercy´s staff to her pilot model; give them some time for the role-shift.


You gotta wait for another semester.
At least her having her kit deleted will be consistent with OW

it took years for Chen and Raynor to eventually be reworked so get comfortable.


Shes up next and it cant be denied

after four months xD

Chen rework took a good 3 years, to the point he became a meme hero. Tassadar rework had been talked about since 2017 until it happened in April 2020.

Wait I thought it was only somewhat recent that the devs agreed to rework Tass. like early 2019 recent?

I looked into reddit blue posts and that is actually true, they started mentioning it in public only in mid-late 2018 (instead of 17) to early 2019. So it took much less than Chen.

D.Va rework is due since 2018, but it’s probably something between a rework and talent rehauls.

It could be just talent reworks and new talents.

She’s not planned for a full fledged “rework” at this point, but incorporating something like Micro Missiles into her kit alongside some Talent updates is likely.

When Overwatch updates their Heroes, we’re exciting to see what they’ve done and we draw inspiration from it if they’ve made changes to a Hero that already exists in Heroes of the Storm. But once a Hero has been released in Heroes we never feel required to mirror any changes the Overwatch team makes, as they’ve taken on a life of their own in the Nexus.

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