Okay, for real. The Ana rework is really good


Like, I mean it, this rework addressed all of her core issues while at the same time making her more easy to play but more rewarding for the skilled player.

Like, everything about it is good, her talents are good, her heroics are good, her base kit is good and even with the nerf to her healing (per shot) she is still begin an awesome support.

I honestly wanna give my sincere thanks to the guys and girls who did this rework to this character I love, that is all. Cheers!


yep. :egypt: :woman:


Yea… except she’s going to get nerfed I think. Wait till after her nerfs to comment


Vampiric Rounds is hilarious.
Get enough stacks on it and you can win basically any 1v1 so long as there’s nothing reducing your healing received.


I haven’t tried it yet, I am just happy I can have a Biotic Grenade build while built in piercing darts with no quests hindering my performance.