Oh yeah this game has music


Alternative solution until in-game features comes.


Your tastes, your opinions. I find both of yours bad.


Yeah, Orphea Theme is probably my favorite HoTS theme.


zerg / dehaka intro music BEST MUSIC


I actually quite enjoy the music from HotS, especially Cursed Hollow.


the esthetics of “music” do vary from person to person, as taste is acquired, but some aspects are also influenced by the function of the music at hand – some is background noise, others create theme or emotional connections to tie with the visual story telling, and a myriad of other stuff. The same sequence of music may be forefront in one instance to be subverted in another as, while some of the influence of music on people is akin to magic, other parts are fairly well known and its not uncommon to see similar tropes for similar devices (like the choice of music used to convey an icy environment) So some of HoTS referential tracks do have a different emphasis because HoTS is a different game – theme of Tristram isn’t here to create the same ambience it had for Diablo’s atmosphere.

Now that said, the basis of your comparison, or rather, what you ‘like’ is demonstrated through Lucio with the examples given of “good” stuff being theme-variations that essentially invert the moving parts, the harmonies, the melodies (etc) of the music in favor of kicking up a synth beat and percussion. Woo, hoo.

On the one hand, while HoTS is either referential with its score, or it breaks down into repetitions of theme and variation, the “bad parts”, as you put it, is not likely the blame on the composition, but on the listener.

Starcraft Terran theme 1

Warhead Junction opening up with Terran theme 1

HotS version does have some change in the timbre on the same instruments (notably the brass) but it also adds to the referential esthetic with the addition of the… harmonica? Exact instrument aside, there’s a sequence the HoTS version has that fills some of the ‘space’ from the Starcraft version and, while i haven’t listened to a comparison of every track from HoTS to its host source, there are other samples that have a similar change, but for time stamp purposes, terran 1 is was the most accessible example for me to use here.

Now the ‘bad’ stuff could be the timbre change as some like the degraded quality or less-than-orchestra type sounds, but the examples given being Lucio-renditions has me more convinced its less an issue of the games music, and more a [your] taste issue.

We move Together as One is just the Lucio version of The Battle Begins and either the whole, or sequences of that make its way into pretty much every map as its essentially the ‘theme’ of the Nexus and I much prefer every version of that repeated to Lucio’s rendition.


Since everyone is posting their favorite musics…


This is X-files music.


Heroes’ music is good. Of all the blizz games, probably the worse, but one of the games has to be.


It isn’t that it is bad, but the issue is too little of it stands out.

Sometimes i’ll Accidentally turn it on and I won’t notice until the couple of good tracks come on… and once those are done I turn off music. Mostly what seems to be Starcraft themed stuff.

The game desperately needs an option akin to what Starcraft 2 has. Let people have it play the soundtracks of other games.

This is something i’ve Been meaning (or perhaps I have) suggested before.


I like the music in HOTS.

But the best song is without a doubt Hanamura 20B.


What are you talking about? HotS’ soundtrack is incredible. I’m a nut for orchestral metal, and this game has some of the best. Just a few favourites:


The alpha tracks were vastly better IMO.

This is still my favorite track.

It’s still in game as an inferior version.


One of my faves. I really like music that has vocals or ones that play an ethereal tune but imo, League has better music :stuck_out_tongue:


X-files had a pretty neat intro, so i guess that is good ?!


Never listened to any LoL music, so i can not say anything about that.


I keep forgetting that I can mute the in-game music and play other music.




Here’s a few of my top faves from League. They’re really good imo, but you be the judge ’ v ’

//PS: Dear Nexians, I am not really a fan of League in terms of gameplay, but I just really love the music they make. They may secretly be a music company kekku. I am still a Heroes player, and Valla & Sylv are still my baes :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts://


While I feel like the music is just general fantasy style music, I do love League’s art style.


The old osts from before 2.0 were quite good. Everything started going downhill after they introduced Dva. Not sure what happened,maybe their composer focused on other games.