Odyn skin for Imperius


well there’s either the very basic: make Imperius look like the Titanic Watcher Odyn from WoW. Give him a big flaming beard, cool floating titan stuff behind his back instead of wings, and gussy him up a bit so he doesnt look like a “Colossus meets Thor” crossover. Lots of arcing blue lightning on his abilities to contrast the silver, gold, and fire like his WoW ingame counterpart.

OR! make him an epic skin where he starts the game as Havi. Unique movement animations where he hobbles leaning on a spear, but when he gets his ult he transforms into the Odyn I described and stays that way for the duration of the game. reverting back to standard Imperius animations.

Of course the skin wouldnt be complete without new valorous voice lines! and at least some mention of a trial …


I actually like your idea.


I certainly thought it was an idea worth considering. Many of Odyn’s ingame abilities in WoW are comparable to Imperius’ in HotS.
I would very much like to see more Titan/Vrykul themed skins, but that’s just my personal desire.


Sounds like a funny looking character, man in tights with a ego of a 12 year old comic strip. It could work. What kind of lines would his new appearance have? “I’ve come to protect your people”


I dont understand


You know those old comics, Thor with tights and large armor, a helm making his head look unrealistically larger than his body. I thought that was always funny to look at. Back then they said don’t make fun of people, then lead you to believe it’s okay to make fun of the goofy looking comic book character instead.


I think you’re in the wrong post champ.


Oh sorry. I just thought you’d agree those old comics were great.